11 Most Favorite Russian Chocolate Candies

alenka Well Known Foods That Were produced in Russia have a distinct savory, sweet or meaty flavor. Iconic dishes such as borschts, mayo-based salads, and endless variations of savory dumplings and pierogies. Other facts that many may not familiar with is that Russian snacks variety based on the mass production of luxury items meant to reach all level of society, particularly the commoners. From home-made jams, sweet treats of street vendors and factory generated chocolate and candies, Russia has it all.

Russians seem to pass down hereditary sweet tooth from generations. They have successfully perfected the art of chocolate candies and develop a wide selection of irritable treats.

1. Alenka Chocolate

Alenka is one of the Most Famous Chocolates In Russia. While chocolate connoisseurs may have more ingredient inside it beyond the simple milk chocolate formula.  Moreover, it is the most recognized chocolate candies brand in Russia and of course the biggest selling domestical sweets.

The appeal of Alenka goes back in time during the Soviet Union where the government induces a food program by the Soviet regime to give the people of Russia affordable chocolate. Furthermore, the iconic blue eyes Russian baby with a cute traditional head kerchief on the package is widely popular across Russia.

2. Bird’s Milk or Ptichye Moloko

This Russian desert comes both in cake or candy forms.  A simple slice of marshmallow melted on top of the chocolate cake is the first ever sweet that the Soviet Union patent. Development of the well known French dessert with a few caveats use agar-agar, a gelatin-like substance as the main ingredient. Moreover, this delicate cake is the Most Favorite Dessert In Russian cuisine made out of boiled seaweed with airy consistency of a light mousse.

3. Tula Pryanik or Gingerbread

One of Russia’s original sweets that often most popular during wintertime. The simple Pryanik is also known as “honey bread” or “spice bread” came to Russia from Egypt in the 9th century. The famous sweet develop from baked rye flour combined with honey and berry juice. Rye as one of the Yummy Russian Sweets During Holiday. 

Tula is the place in Russia which is famous for gingerbread manufacturing, while the term pryanik means spices, which develops to the rich usage of herbs from its Russian root pyranose.

4. Churchkhela

The traditional home-made candies that are known for its sausage-like shapes by the Russian seaside. This sweet treats rooted from nut bases caucasian such as walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts. All of these nuts threaded onto a long string and stick with a glazed of thick sweet grape juice. This sweets candy is not only chewy but also very sweet. It is one of those preserved dishes that require to dry in the sun for about two weeks.

5. Chak Chak

Another dessert from the deep fried soft dough and drenched in hot honey syrup that oftentimes takes the small honey mound or pyramid form. It is one of the Things You Need To taste In Russia, especially in Khazan where the Turkish people of Tartarstan first introduce this delicacy to Russia. Moreover, the simple street snacks is a sweet accompaniment to any authentic Russia tea tradition.

  1. Pastila

Reminiscent of another well-known dessert in the world as Turkish Delight. It intriguing chocolate candies when the Russian merchants go to the Middle East for trader proposed. It combines sweet-sour fruits such as apples and tart cranberries. it is a popular french marshmallow rise and pastila develop into another form of sweetness.

7. Zefir

The Russian version of the French marshmallow makes Zapif widely produced in other former Soviet Union countries. This soft fluffy dessert looks like a cloud with a sweet filling such as peaches, apples, and strawberries. Moreover, the creamy texture inside is a distinct difference to its famed French cousin.

The reason Why Russian Really Loves To Drink Tea one of them is the numerous choice side snacks and sweet comfort food you can have on the side. Zephyr is one of them which refers to the delicate and tender texture of self-pampering.

8. Miscka Kosolapy

Tsarist era marks the inventive chocolate candies know as Mishka Kosolapy (Clumsy Bear) as a confectionery symbol of the USSR. This expensive treatment is the highlight for every valentine and Christmas moment where people indulge themselves to luxurious items. The candy has two wafers covered in almond praline and dark chocolate. Furthermore, the exquisite taste is enhanced with a tint of classic painting in the wrapper of sight in Morning in a Pine Forest.  A popular painting which depicts three bears by Ivan Shishkin and Konstantin Savitsky.

9. Kara-Kum

Black Sand or Kum-Kum was given to this popular sweat candy inspired from a desert in Turkmenistan. Although the sweat has no drop of black sand in it literally.  Kara-Kum has a strong nutty chocolate candy which comes from nut praline and crushed wafers with chocolate glaze.

10. Vzletnaya Candies

Wonderful lemony flavor burst out from this hard candy after they dissolved the harder layers. It was originally intended to help airplane passengers to stop,p their ears from being blocked during landing. Moreover, nowadays Vzletnaya candies became all time favorite delicacy school children.

11. Kis-Kis

Sweet toffee with a hard square about 1.5 cm across is the most affordable candies in term of the ingredient. Toffees have a typical hard texture like candy yet the chewy inside layers add a nice surprise. That it is particularly popular among Russian homes.

Toffee has a great texture which enables chewing and sucking gestures. The hard softly turn to chewy become softer. Famously, this process involves sticky milk part of this on the teeth. In other words, Kis-Kis is an easy result in a quick visit to the dentist.

Russians who grew up in the Soviet era will remember these candy when sweet are very expensive or the mass production treats during a certain era. People grew up in Russia and people who have the chance to visit this country will remember these chocolate candies with particular fondness. It is the perfect companion during a hot tea of coffee relaxing events. Moreover, they also pose important serving during a special time when the family gathers around.

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