7 Most Famous Chocolate You Can Find In Russia (Sweeter than Life!)

Who doesn’t love chocolate? You got to raise your hand high and let us take a picture with you. This chocolatey thing along with its creamy texture that melts right away in our mouth is truly irresistible, isn’t it? No matter if it’s with the kick of bitter flavor on the tip of our tongue, with the overloaded sweetness, or with any other flavor such as spicy.

Chocolate almost everyone’s favorite, be it in pralines form, bars, candies, melted, sprinkle, anything. It’s can also be a great match with cheese, oreo, strawberry, banana, bread, and so much more.

Just like how the color white can combine with almost every color existed. However, among all of those diversity of chocolate, there’s something you have to try. That’s nothing else than the famous chocolate you can find in Russia. Those chocolate that will not remind you of this country but also take you high whenever you eat it. However, Russian also have creative ways to develop many kinds of chocolate other than just simple bar. They combined chocolate with many other things and make those things taste a lot better.

Famous Chocolate in Russia

Russia has a lot of diversity in their culinary world. They usually love sour cream in almost every dish. They love sprinkling fresh chopped dill or parsley on top of their course. They have tons of super delicious Russian beef recipes that will make you fill your hungry as well as best Russian food for party or celebration. But, there’s one thing that you might not think of but should never miss. The goodness of Russian chocolate that will get you addicted to it. Russian have a lot of candies and sweets since the Soviet era, and of course they also have a lot of yummy chocolate that you should know such as :

1. Mishka Kosolapyi (Clumsy Bear)

In this wrap, you’ll find the delicacy of wafers covered in dark chocolate. The wafers don’t ruin the taste of the chocolate itself, but it gives extra texture that let you eat with that crunch sound. This chocolate isn’t just great inside, but it also has a great wrappings. With the color of mostly blue, it’s beautiful. On the front side, you can also see the beautiful paintings of Ivan Shishkin and Konstantin Savitsky showing three bears in the forest. This is the unique traits of this chocolate that you might not be able to find in any chocolate. However, in the past, people used to hang this chocolate on a tree during new year season since it’s just too beautiful and colorful.

  1. Krasnaya Shapochka (Little Red Riding Hood)

Another chocolate with unique shape and wrappings from Russia. Both this chocolate and Mishka have two edges with triangle shape on top and bottom of it. The difference is that on the front side of this yellow wrapping, there’s a picture of a girl using red hat with a basket on his hand. About the chocolate itself, of course it’s as good as it looks. There are almost no single chocolate glazed candy that doesn’t taste good, right? You’ll find a layer of wafers with praline fillings in the middle then covered in chocolate altogether in a bite. What a goodness in a bite, you can say.

  1. Belorusskaya kartoshka

You might find spelling this chocolate a bit hard, especially if you don’t study Russian language. However, it’s not as hard as trying not to take a bite of this tiny chocolate. Shaped like a chocolate chip, but of course bigger, this chocolate can’t be out of your favorite list. It’s a chocolate that can melt inside your mouth, greet you firsthand with the choco coating. The chocolate itself use almond soybean lecithin that will give you another flavor then chocolate. One will never be enough, perhaps that’s what you’ll say once you get to try this chocolate.

  1. Belochka

Are you trying to find famous chocolate you can find in Russia to give away for someone special to you? Or perhaps wondering what could be the most romantic ways of giving gift to your Russian girlfriend? Belochka, translated to squirrel or forest fairy, is the right option for you. It’s chocolate goodness in a green box with beautiful picture on the top. There goes that little squirrel beside the brand name and the chocolate illustration. That’s such a pretty packaging for gifts, right? You can just buy a box of this whole goodness and give it to someone instead of having to do all the complicated wrapping steps.

Inside, you can find a lot of dome-shaped chocolate with various taste. In just one bite, you can taste the dark chocolate, nut praline, crushed hazelnut, wrapped altogether in the chocolate glaze. Such perfect combination will give you the right consistency of bitterness along with the nuty taste and sweetness. What a unique yet delicious combination of chocolate and peanut that you’ll never be able to resist.    

  1. Macka (Mask)

There goes another pretty gift format chocolate from Russia. This famous chocolate is also in a box form, but it’s black with all the colorful yet elegant picture of mask and confetti. The brand itself written in gold with the illustration of the chocolate underneath. The elegancy doesn’t stop outside, for you can see those beautifully-carved lines on top of the chocolate glaze.

In a bite of macka chocolate, you can also taste chocolate and nut at once, but this one with more texture of crunch from the wafers. Are you trying to find out what to give to your lovers on valentine day? This box of chocolate goodness in a hand-sized form can be the right option for you.

  1. Ptichye Moloko (Bird’s milk)

This chocolate is actually the store-bought version of most favorite dessert in Russian cuisine wrapped in brown and gold wrappings in a square shape. It’s simple yet deliciously addictive. There you can taste the smooth and soft soufflé that’s as light as the air dipped in chocolate glaze. What a good combination of taste and texture that you can get in this yummy sweets. You can say that the souffle taste almost like marshmallow. You can imagine dipping marshmallow in chocolate, right? This sweet is definitely going to be your favorite, especially if you’re marshmallow lovers. It’s also a great option for you who is just too lazy to make the real version.

  1. Alenka

This one is probably the most popular Russian chocolate. This famous chocolate with cheerful design wrappings has a girl’s picture on the front side as the face of Alenka. Inside, you can find the yummy chocolate combined with wafers and of course, covered in chocolate glaze altogether. You can get the creamy and crunchy texture without missing out on the bitter-sweet chocolate that melts in your mouth. This chocolate is probably the most seen and familiar one for Russian people.

Eating chocolate is the best cure for broken heart. Well, at least that’s one of the benefits that you can get from chocolate. It gives you that happiness sting once you have your first bite on it. Chocolate lovers, you should never miss these long list of famous chocolate you can find in Russia. Tasting Russian meat-based food that will make you eat with gusto is a must, but you can never forget about Russian famous chocolate. Once you take a bite of it and enjoy its bittersweet taste, you ain’t going back. You’ll only crave for more and get drown in its delicacy that cheer your taste buds.

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