4 Best Ways to Meet Russian Girls on New Year

No matter how much time is left before the New Year holiday, you need to plan your vacation. Each to their own, and every person has their own lists of things to do and places to do during the holiday. New Year has always been one of the most important times of the year for […]

Most Wanted Tips From Russian Girls on How to Attract Them (Men Should Know!)

Female has always been a big mystery to men everywhere around the world. They have been trying to put together the pieces of puzzles to get to the hearts of their dream girls. But, they should have known, the best way to understand a girl and how to get her interested is right through her […]

6 Simple Dating Tips When You’re in Sochi, Russia

It actually doesn’t matter where you are dating, whether in Sochi or any other places around the world, rules exist. Sure there are people who go beyond these rules or even break them, but courtesy should always be included. So why is there such thing about Sochi dating guide? We could say that most people […]

5 Best Places to Meet Beautiful Girls in Sochi and Start Your Dating Life

It is a common knowledge validated by many men around the world that Russian girls are among the most beautiful girls in the world. It shouldn’t be hard to meet one when you stroll along the country’s streets. However, there are several popular places in Russia where singles usually meet, and Sochi is one of […]

5 Popular Cities in Russia to Meet and Date Singles; Find Your Soulmate Here!

Russia is becoming more and more lonely: in Ivanovo there are already 5 men for 10 women. We will take a look at cities in Russia where there are most single men and women and where single people are most actively looking for a couple. The census data for the 50 largest regions of the […]

7 Reasons Why Russians Girls Are Rare to Keep Long Distance Relationships

 Some lovers have been separated since long time ago for many reasons. During the world war, the men had to leave their ladies at home for quite some time. They could only “meet” each other through handwritten letters. That was decades ago. Today, some lovers are already separated when they meet – thanks to the […]

7 Cons Of Dating A Russian Woman Every Man Should Know

In the dating life, there are stereotypes and there is prejudice. However, then you are in love, nothing really matters. Some people also said that love is blind. Maybe she is too good for you, or the other way around. Now, when it comes to dating a Russian woman, they have the most stereotype out […]

For All Gentleman Out There! Here Are 7 Pros Of Dating A Russian Girl

Russian girls are so irresistible, that there are no reasons for dating one. The Charming Appearance of Russian Girls makes them appealing. They portray a great amount of grace even without having to try hard. One reality check that even if are lucky enough to be able to hang out with Russian girls, they are fearless, independent […]

8 Recommended Places in St. Petersburg for Your Lovely Valentine’s Day

St Petersburg has no short of lovely places if you want to have a date here. The city, a gateway of Russia’s past and present, and a hub for art and culture is a definition of romantic. Every nook and cranny, posh or not, radiating that sentimental vibe only St. Petersburg can offer. On Valentine’s […]

8 Romantic Places in Moscow to Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day

Planning to go to Russia on Valentine’s Day? Happened to be in Moscow on February 14th? You’ve come to the right places. Moscow is certainly no Paris, the capital of Romance. But fear not, Moscow is still one of the romantic cities in the world. Planning a romantic date is easy here as every corner […]