Most Wanted Tips From Russian Girls on How to Attract Them (Men Should Know!)

Female has always been a big mystery to men everywhere around the world. They have been trying to put together the pieces of puzzles to get to the hearts of their dream girls. But, they should have known, the best way to understand a girl and how to get her interested is right through her mind; to understand what she wants, what she needs, her expectations and all. Every girl is surely unique, but if you are after a Russian girl, here are some tips from them that you – men – should know.

1. Be confident

Self-esteem and self-confidence are very attractive traits of character. Girls will go crazy for a guy who is confident in himself and what he can do. Russian girls love men who are sure of themselves and know what they want. Shy men may be attractive to some girls, but they would be trampled over by competitors and that is definitely not an advantage.

The only thing you can be is yourself. And it’s just great! Show the world how cool you are and stop pretending to be someone else. Do not try to repeat after someone. Girls will notice that you are not natural, and they definitely will not like it.

2. Show the effort to get to know the girl

Talk to her and listen to her. Ask the girl about her family, about where she grew up, about what she likes and how she has fun. Do not be critical or rude about her answers: these are her answers, not yours! Respect her ideas, her opinions and her belief. Girls like to communicate with them on an equal footing. If you want to please girls, it is best to start with respect. For example, ask a girl about her hobby, and then ask how she started doing it. This is a great way to start a conversation about how and where she grew up, about her family and so on.

3. Find something you both have in common

She likes Metallica … you like Metallica … boom! Now you have something to talk about! Ask her about music, about cinema, about what she does in her free time. Find something in common, so you can get to know each other perfectly and get close.

4. Don’t rush it

If this tip could guarantee that you could be close to her, then it would be a lie. But, to be friends with a girl and show her how beautiful she is, is the best way to attract her attention. Show her how happy she can be with you, and you will see how you both will get along well. Support her if she has a difficult day, help her with her problems, be available when she needs your help, and listen to what she tells you. Take it easy when it comes to her heart. Once she feels comfortable around you, she will open up on her own.

5. Don’t be a creep

Do not stare at her or avoid her looks. Do not spin around her silently. Do not stare at certain parts of her body (no matter how you like it). Do not make strange movements if you do not know her well, and certainly do not try to seduce her. It will only scare her, and make you seem like a douche in her eyes. Be respectful, that is all you need as a good first step.

Some more tips:

  • Girls like guys who understand them, so it is VERY important to listen to them
  • Always be sweet and kind
  • Respect her
  • Give her a compliment about her appearance, and she will begin to feel more confident
  • Girls love funny guys, but don’t go too far with your humor or jokes as they can be quite sensitive around several matters
  • Do not escalate the situation too drastically. Take baby steps
  • Look into her eyes! Do not stare at the floor!
  • Pay attention to her presence and what she expresses

These tips are definitely general and may need some further personalization depends on the type of girl you try to attract.

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