5 Best Places to Meet Beautiful Girls in Sochi and Start Your Dating Life

It is a common knowledge validated by many men around the world that Russian girls are among the most beautiful girls in the world. It shouldn’t be hard to meet one when you stroll along the country’s streets. However, there are several popular places in Russia where singles usually meet, and Sochi is one of them. This popular resort has spots favorited by singles to get acquainted with each other as well as to date at. Here are 5 of them:

1. Lover’s Bench in Riviera Park

The opening of the Bench for Lovers took place on February 14, 2002, just on Valentine’s Day. According to the plan of the author of the project, the famous Sochi artist Olga Khrisanova – the hearts combined in pairs that make up the bench – symbolize the inextricable connection of people in love with each other. The bench is small, just for one couple. True, you won’t especially relax on a metal seat in winter, but you can conduct a magic ritual. You need to sit on a bench, make a wish, sit silently for 100 seconds and kiss.

2. Arboretum

The Sochi Arboretum gained fame as a romantic place for declarations of love after the acclaimed television show “The Bachelor”, when Timur Batrutdinov talked with contenders for his bachelor’s heart amid picturesque arbors and evergreen cypresses. Arboretum park is good at any time of the year, because there is always green and flowers bloom even in mid-February. In the Arboretum there are secluded places and beautiful backgrounds for a romantic photo shoot. It is recommend that you take the funicular to the very roof of the view station and enjoy panoramic views from there, and then take a leisurely stroll through the upper and lower parks.

3. Kissing Square

The name of Potseluevsky Square actually came from the name of the director of the famous deli, who resides in the same building as the Sochi registry office. There are no longer the director and the deli, but the name has been preserved, especially since the registry office has not gone away. The square, located near the registry office and the Sochi seaport, is lined with benches and planted with evergreens, so it is pleasant to walk along it in February. Well, kissing in the shadow of tropical palm trees in Kissing Square will be especially nice.

4. Monument to Peter and Fevronia

Although Sochi’s “Department of Civil Status Registration” seems far from romantic, the situation, as they say, is binding. To give romantic atmosphere to this official place, a monument was set in front of the registry office to the holy princes Peter and Fevronia of Murom. It is cast in bronze and is a sculpture of Peter and Fevronia in monastic clothes under the trees, in the crown of which there is a family of pigeons in the nest, and a hare sitting under the tree.

A good tradition has appeared in Sochi to make an offer of a hand and a heart in front of the monument, and to ensure strength, the future union needs to pat the bronze hare behind the ear. If the proposal is accepted favorably, you can immediately apply for marriage registration in the Sochi registry office.

5. Square of Lovers in Khost

The used-to-be deserted wasteland under the overpass was revived by the efforts of the city administration and enthusiasts. This deserted empty park was once a favorite vacation spot of citizens, the laying of the Agura-Adler motorway above it destroyed the cork and banana alleys, sports grounds, a photo pavilion, and as a result, the park with a fountain was completely abandoned. Now part of its territory is occupied by tennis courts. The remaining one has a beautiful square with benches, a fountain and garden sculptures in the form of hearts, on which, according to the authors, on the wedding day the newlyweds will hang locks. The square has already become a popular visiting place for newlyweds after marriage and for lovers of leisurely walks.

Although many single people today, regardless the age, choose to find their significant others through online dating websites, but the traditional old-fashion way of saying hello in the park will never get old.

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