8 Recommended Places in St. Petersburg for Your Lovely Valentine’s Day

russian valentineSt Petersburg has no short of lovely places if you want to have a date here. The city, a gateway of Russia’s past and present, and a hub for art and culture is a definition of romantic. Every nook and cranny, posh or not, radiating that sentimental vibe only St. Petersburg can offer. On Valentine’s Day, consider this city as your date venue beside Moscow.

Whether you’re planning of a romantic date at a dreamy historical site or an evening watching a cultural performance, St. Petersburg got you covered. The city is known for its many palaces, churches, museums, and many historical buildings. Public parks are spread evenly across the city, allowing couples to have an outdoor date.

For a lovely date on your valentine’s day, the venue is not the only thing you should prepare. You might want to bring your date a valentine’s day present. For that, check out about personalized Russian gifts as an inspiration. Being an amazing person is also a must during the date. Read helpful guidelines on how to make the date memorable for you and your girlfriend or boyfriend.

1. Winter Palace

The number one palace of St. Petersburg is the former residence of Russian empress and emperor, from Peter the Great to Catherine. As a dwelling of kings and queens, every inch of this palace is a work of art. From its floor to ceiling, from the furniture and the decoration, all will surely awe you and your date.

Winter Palace is one of the recommended places in St. Petersburg for your lovely valentine’s day. It is grand, romantic, and beautiful. Being in its ballroom would feel like being transported in another era, and you and your date are a prince and a princess. Having a date here will require a few hours since the building is enormous.

2. State Hermitage Museum

State Hermitage Museum is a part of Winter Palace. It houses thousands of arts, one of the best collection of arts in the world. If Winter Palace doesn’t satisfy you and your partner, you should consider spending a few more hours at the Hermitage. There are up to 9 sections of the museum, displaying artifacts and artworks from all around the globe.

3. Neva River

The vein of the city Neva River will take you through a romantic journey when cruising it. Neva River gives St. Petersburg its other name, the Venice of the north. Hop on a boat with your date and cruise through canals and bridges of St. Petersburg. Catch a sight of historical buildings along the embankment. From the river, you can see State Hermitage and St. Isaac’s Cathedral, among many others.

Book an evening cruise to see St. Petersburg under the showers of light. Enjoy after-dark St. Petersburg from Neva River. At night, the city sparkles as if stars are on the ground. The sentimental ambiance increases tenfold, giving you that vibe you need to have a romantic date. Immerse every minute of the experience with your date, this is surely an unforgettable moment.

4. St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Although St. Isaac’s Cathedral is a church, it currently functions as a museum. This is where you take your date on a journey admiring the building interior. Take him/her to the tower to have a birds-eye view of the city. St. Isaac’s Cathedral was the tallest building centuries ago. Now it remains one of the tallest cathedral in the world with a height of 102 m.

5. Peterhof Palace

Peterhof Palace was a summer residence of Peter The Great. It was built to rival France Versailles and did quite a great job on it. In fact, the garden area is even better than Versailles with its three series of fountains. Peterhof Palace makes a perfect spot for both indoor and outdoor date. After you’re done exploring the garden, come inside for the palace/museum.

Peterhof Palace also has a light show in the evening. It’s a projection show and a firework show at once. You should stay and surprise your date with the performance. Watch as the colorful light dance on the palace, the garden, and the fountain. It’s magical and entertaining.

6. Nevsky Prospects

Nevsky Prospects, the heart of the city, is a famous old street in St. Petersburg. During the Russian enlightenment era, the street is a favorite spot for poet, writers, and artists. It was the hipsters’ corner of St. Petersburg as well as a center for cultural and intellectual exchange. If you and your date want something more grounded and urban than the city’s palaces, Nevsky Prospect is where you should go.

Nowadays Nevsky Prospects house the chicest and luxurious shops in Russia. If shopping isn’t your idea of a romantic date, head for one of the cafe and restaurants along this street. Literary Cafe, which was a hangout spot for the likes of Pushkin and Dostoevsky, is still in operation until today. Reserve a table here for a night filled with historic feeling and also good food.

7. Eliseyev emporium

You have the option of not bringing your date a gift on Valentine’s Day. Instead, bring them to shop and pick whatever they like. At Nevsky Prospect, there is the most beautiful food emporium in the world. You’ll be amazed by a wonderful display of cakes, patisseries, candies, and chocolates on its 7 departments. The building is also decorated by moving puppets from Nutcracker, which adds fairy tale touch to the already magical emporium.

8. Mariinsky Theater

Watching a performance is also one of the ways to have a romantic date on Valentine’s day. Luckily St. Peterburg won’t disappoint you for that. St. Petersburg is home to one of the best ballet companies in the world, Mariinsky Ballet Company. Reserve two tickets to enjoy their performance at Mariinsky Theater.

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