7 Reasons Why Russians Girls Are Rare to Keep Long Distance Relationships

 Some lovers have been separated since long time ago for many reasons. During the world war, the men had to leave their ladies at home for quite some time. They could only “meet” each other through handwritten letters. That was decades ago. Today, some lovers are already separated when they meet – thanks to the internet. Long distance relationship has become more and more common. But, it is said that Russian girls don’t really fond of this kind of arrangement. Is this true and if it is what are the reasons behind it? Let’s find out 7 of them.

Pros and Cons of Having a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is not very popular in the Russian society, but sometimes it becomes inevitable and must be handled well. More often than not, these kinds of stories get concluded in a negative context. Such a relationship could end in either a breakup or a strong marriage. There are, of course, examples of such relationships with good endings where two lovers have to live in different countries, but nevertheless work it to maintain communication. In any case, you need to find time, even if you are far from each other.

Experts from leading research institutes believe that the reason for the general separation of people lies in technical and economic progress. People get new jobs in other countries, they have no alternatives, so they have to leave their soulmate for a while and go to another country to work or study. However, the development of technology has its own advantages for personal life, for example, dating sites where you can find your soulmate anywhere in the world.

In Russia, the number of so-called “distant families” is growing steadily. This type of relationship, however, only takes 5% of the total number of spouses in the country. These people live in different cities or countries, but are happy with everything and see no reason for a divorce.

Why do some couples break up, while others quite calmly withstand a long separation?

Everything is simple here. People who since a young age have been building the right attitude towards themselves, as a rule, can be in a long distance relationship and not experience any discomfort. Self-acceptance is formed on the basis of the attitude of parents towards their children: whether they helped to form a good self-esteem.

Anxious people who suffer from feeling of being lonely are usually the one who are prone to fall apart in a distanced relationship. They are easily influenced by others. Self-digging and paranoia are characteristic of these people: they can easily imagine for themselves what their partner is doing there, being outside the access zone for the second half. Usually they associate themselves with a partner, so any separation for them is equivalent to the loss of a piece of themselves.

So what makes Russian women feel like a long distance relationship is not really for them?

1. Lack of communication

People far away from each other face a serious lack of face-to-face communication. In our modern age, of course, there are many alternatives: phone calls, text messages, social networks and other methods. However, it is felt that these methods of communication can’t really replace being physical with each other that will eventually make the relationship wilt.

2. The dark future

Russians girls don’t feel like they want to move to other countries just to be close to their significant others. This is what makes them believe that long distance relationships are just not for them.

3. Prone to cheating

Being far from each other sometimes raises temptations. Of course there are a lot of people who can stay loyal despite being apart. But Russian girls just won’t risk themselves to this kind of possibility. They want things to be secured.

4. Lack of trust

Many relationships end because of a lack of trust, and relationships at a distance are generally a minefield in this sense. In fact, there is no chance to find out if the loved one is cheating or not. But remember that being close to each other does not give any guarantees, either. Healthy, monogamous relationships require a moral compass, ethical grounding, commitment and dedication to the partner from both sides. The trust in relationships depends on one’s personality, previous experience of romantic encounters, behavior model and naturally on whether they get jealous easily or not.

5. It’s expensive

It takes not only effort for two people who are in a long distance relationship to meet, but also financial stability. One side should go all the way to meet the other or both agree to meet in the middle, either way it needs tickets and accommodations. Some girls don’t think it’s worth it.

6. Emotional gap

Russians like things to be straightforward, and so the girls and their view of relationships. Being apart from their loved ones could bring a lot of unnecessary issues to the surface that will trigger arguments and a lot of emotions will surely be involved. Unable to directly express their feelings would only give them a waste of time.

7. Life must move forward

Many long distance relationships are the result of the fact that people do not have the opportunity to change circumstances that contribute to the fact that they are forced to live in different cities or regions. However, a person is vitally incapable of staying at a distance for a long period of time. Such couples often themselves do not notice those changes that lead to the fact that they begin to become emotionally distant. Interests, values, friends lead to the fact that they slowly and quietly move away from each other. Or, depending on the personality of the person, these changes can occur quickly and noticeably.

Those were the 7 main reasons why Russian girls are rare to keep long distance relationships. The tips may be helpful for you if you are, at the moment, living outside of Russia but trying to approach a girl from the country.

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