The 5 Best Destinations in Russia For Spending Your Holiday

1. Moscow Kremlin

Moscow also known as Moskwa is the capital of Russia that become the center of politics, economics, culture, and science. In Moscow, there are buildings that are surrounded by walls of fortress are called as Kremlin. So, Kremlin means “fortress” to block the invasion of enemies. Whereas, the building that is located in it is a palace in which it is used as presidential office now.

In Moscow Kremlin, you can find walls that have length of more 2 kilometers and 19 meters high in which on the back of it, you can find the various of old relics, such as churches, the burial place of the Russian tsars and royal objects, specifically 4 palaces, 4 cathedrals, and the Kremlin Tower that fill Kremlin area. The most famous architecture in the Kremlin is Cathedral St. Basil. It has a crooked shape of its dome and the bright colors of it will certainly captivate. Beside that, it has a place to store a variety of heritage items including chariots, crowns, clothing, gems and weapons belonging to the Tsar. Because of offering many beautiful historic buildings, a lot of people visit it when they come to Russia. Beside that, this place also was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1990.

2. Red Square

Not far from Moskow Kremlin, there is the best destination in Russia that is called as Red Square. It has buildings that are designed by using concrete stone with the beauty of its architecture. Because of having the phenomenal and beautiful architecture buildings, it was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1990.

Usually, It is used as a place of official ceremonies of state and other important celebration. Whereas, it is used as a market square adjoining the merchants’ area in Kitay Gorod in a long time ago. So, it is not astonished if this place is one of places which is always crowded and be the most destination by tourists from all over the world because there are a lot of phenomenal buildings. In this place, you can visit everyday because it is opened everyday except on holiday and important events.

3. Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is located in the south of the Siberian, between the Irkutsk Oblast in the northwest and Buryatia in the southeast. As people know, it is the deepest and the oldest lake in the world. This is in line with BBC (2010) statement, which says that “The world’s deepest and oldest lake, Lake Baikal, is at risk of being removed from the UNESCO World Heritage list”.

It does not only has the deepest and the oldest lake in the world, but it also has 3 interesting things that you get to do for spending your holiday in there;

  • The first, the colour of water in lake Baikal is blue. It shows that the water in there is so crystal clear, so that you are be able to drink without filtering and you are be able to see to a depth up to 130 feet. Beacuse of it, lake Baikal get an appelation as the clearest lake in the world. In winter, the whole of water change be ice that configurate a beautiful frozen ice overlay. You can enjoy it by walking or driving a vehicle. When you drive a vehicle, don’t worry about it because it is be able to pass on frozen ice overlay, eventhough the weight of it is 15 tons. It can be happens because the thickness of ice is very thick.
  • The second, lake Baikal has a various of plants and animals that live in and around the lake. Even, there are some of species that can not be found in the other hemisphere, such as a collection of seals, a variety of fish and invertebrate invisibility. Because of biodiversity that existed in lake, you can see them and take a picture. Read also 6 Animals That Live in Lake Baikal, Russia.
  • The third is Altai mountains. Altai mountains have a beautiful view in which there are bluish mountain peaks that are covered with snow and are hemmed in dense pinery. Not only it, a lot of beautiful landscapes can be found in this lake, such as taiga, lake basin, valleys and mountain meadows. From beautiful view that you see, there is a interesting thing that is hidden; there are not active volcano, eventhough there are approximately 100 volcano in lake Baikal. From the explanation above, the writer can coclude that this place is best destination in Russia for holiday.

4. Volga River and Lena River

Volga river is located in near the small settlement of Volgoverkhovye and Lena river is located in the slopes of Baikal Mountains. Both of them offer the beautiful scenery and the challenging sports in which Volga river is known as Russia’s largest river and Lena river is known as the world’s most violent watercourses. Beside that, the flow path of them have a lot of bends. Even, they have mountains that are cleaved by two rivers adding their charm that make travelers visit it.

In these places, you does not only enjoy the beautiful scenery and the challenging sports, but you also get to see a variety of animals that live in there. You can read 5 Animals That lives in Volga River.

From the explanation above, the writer conclude that if you like challenging sports and challenging recreation, Volga river and Lena river are suitable to be visited by you. Read also 6 Most Interesting Facts of Volga River in Russia.

5. Yekaterinburg

The next of best destination in Russia is Yekaterinburg. It is a city that might be a little more restful than Moscow and it is has plenty of libraries, theaters, and museums, and unique monuments to be offered. It is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

The writer high recommend to visit it for traveler who wants to search restful place in the city. There are some of interesting things that get to be done in there;

  • The first is exceptional museums. Yekaterinburg is home for 60 museums and art galleries. One of them is museum of military equipment. It is located in the city outskirts. It has an impressive collection of vintage and retro military vehicles. On the other hand, there is ural vision gallery. It is a modern exhibition venue that is located in heart of Yekaterinburg. Not only it, there are also Nevyansk Icon Museum, Boris Yrltsin’s Museum and another of museums. So, if you like traveling while getting education, the writer recommend to traveler to come here. Read also 10 Most Popular Museums to Visit in Russia.
  • The second is Yekaterinburg State Academical Opera and Ballet Theatre. If you like go to the opera theater, the writer high recommend you to go to here because Yekaterinburg State Academical Opera and Ballet Theatre is a famous place for performances based on classical plays, modern versions and experiments. Beside that, it has comfortable seats, nice food in halls, nice artists and beautiful architecture of the exterior and interior.
  • The third is unique monuments in Yekaterinburg. If you like taking a picture to be posted in social media or to be immortalized as memories. This place is a suitable place for you because it has a lot of monuments, such as QWERTY monument, the Beatles monument, Vladimir Vysotsky monument, Marina Vlady monument, the sculpture of Artamonov, the sculptures of the station workers, the sculptures of an invisible man and another monuments that is offered in public places.
  • The fourth is Yekaterinburg Arena. It is a stadium that has a capacity of 45.000 seats after renovating. It is the headquarters of the middle teams of the Russian Premiere League, FC Ural.s and it also become the one of places of World Cup 2018. If you like a football, the writer recommend this place to be visited.

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