7 Things You Should Know to Celebrate KROK Festival

People around the world who love movies, in general, and animations, specifically, would most likely know some of these famous Russian cartoons like Cheburashka (1966), Masha and The Bear (2009), Luntik (2006), Smeshariki (2004), Nu Pogodi! (1969), and The Snow Queen (1957). You have surely noticed that half of them are classics and started to […]

8 Russian cartoons that reflects the past life in USSR

A movie always has some sort of message. Cartoons, as simple as they may seem, are no exceptions. After all, every product of human creativity must be inspired by a real-life situation. If you are keen, you can spot it in every movie you watch. Russian cartoons, especially made in the Soviet era, are quietly […]

6 Most Loved Russian Cartoon Characters of All Time

Cartoon isn’t only the territory of Disney. Russia surprisingly is quite an expert when it comes to animated motion pictures. Although they aren’t as popular as American-based Pixar movies, the animation does have a special place in the hearts of Russian people. Many would reminisce fondly the good old day cartoons from their childhood era. […]

3 Popular Russian Cartoon You Can Watch On Netflix

Even though you’re probably an adult and way past your childhood, cartoon still comes into your life occasionally. Once in a while, we would indulge ourselves in cartoon-binging, especially when we can find anything good on Netflix. When you’re watching a cartoon with your children, niece, or nephew, you secretly like it. No need to […]

8 Soviet cartoons that will bring back shivering memories

Cartoons are often seen as light, entertaining, and funny TV shows that are friendly for children to watch. Their storyline is also usually simple, with happy endings in the end. However, Soviet cartoons do not quite follow this stereotype! It’s not a surprise, really. Soviet cartoons were mostly made in the Soviet times, and cartoons […]