7 TV Shows That Are Loved by Russian Women

Watching TV shows is one of the popular hobbies of the 21st century. Russian women also think the same. Watching TV shows what people usually do in the evening after a hard day at work. On the weekend, nothing more relaxing than curling up on the bed and binge-watching one’s favorite TV series. There are […]

5 Controversial Russian TV Series you have to know

The weekend is perfect to snuggle in your bed and read a book or binge-watching TV series. If you’re tired with Netflix options, why not trying to find the less popular but equally good movies or TV series from Russia. There are many choices, from Russian cartoons to Russian popular movies. For TV series, don’t […]

6 Reasons to watch a global Russian police drama series”Silver Spoon”

The Russian television industry is constantly growing. Many Russian TV series have even made it to the global market, thanks to Netflix, which recently bought rights to distribute these high quality series for audience all over the world to enjoy. One of the top-rated Russian TV series that has gotten global recognition is Silver Spoon. […]

5 reasons why you should watch a new TV series “Russian Doll”

Watching TV series can be such an interesting way to spend your free time! Nowadays, there are a lot of TV series that you can choose from. Are you a fan of lighter, more comedic TV series, or do you prefer darker-themed series with a convoluted story line that hooks thinker-type of audiences? If you are […]