8 Highest Paying Jobs in Russia in 2018

highest paying job in RussiaLabor market is constantly changing. What becomes famous today may not get the same fame tomorrow. This is because business really depend on the current development and also the country’s development. This makes a job that is famous in certain country may not be famous in other countries.

If you want to make high salary, you have to keep in touch with current information of labor market. It can give you insights on which jobs pay high and which don’t. So you can consider which job that suits you well based on your abilities and skills.

Here, are 8 highest paying jobs in Russia in 2018. Also read: ways and rules to get job in Russia.

1. Ship Captain

Being a ship captain is a hard job. It is the same as being a pilot. It is with high risk that no one wants to hear about. You will be the leader of a yacht or a cruise and also act as the host. If you have at least a bachelor degree in any departments related to marine, you can find try to apply. Some of degree fields that are suitable for this position are marine transportation, marine engineering, maritime operations and technology, logistics and inter-modal transportation, marine engineering systems, marine engineering, and shipyard management.

However, you should have experience in the same field at least 4 years to be able to become one. You should also be able to operate a ship’s mechanical equipment and others. Which such high risk and so many requirements, you will get around $7,475 a month.

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2. Aircraft Commander

Although they work on the same plane, pilot and aircraft commander or pilot in command can have different jobs. While pilot is responsible to fly the plane, aircraft commander is responsible to make sure the plane’s safe operation during flight. You can call an aircraft commander as the captain of the plane. However, if the number of people in charge of the plane is only one, then the aircraft commander is the pilot itself.

Basically, aircraft commander is a person who:

  • Has final authority and responsibility for the operation and safety of the flight;
  • Has been designated as pilot in command before or during the flight; and
  • Holds the appropriate category, class, and type rating, if appropriate, for the conduct of the flight.

The salary for such position is around $4,784/ month.

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3. Chief Technologist of Gold Mining Industry

A chief technologist is like a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in a company. Their job is not far from overseeing technology and creating relevant policies based on the findings. The details of their job is varied depending on the industry they are in. However, their responsibilities in general are:

  • Identify opportunities and risks for the business.
  • Manage research and development (R&D).
  • Monitor technology and social trends that could impact the company.
  • Participate in management decisions about corporate governance.
  • Communicate the company’s technology strategy to partners, management, investors and employees.
  • Maintain current information about technology standards and compliance regulations.

For such responsibilities, a chief technologist of gold mining industry earns around $4,662.

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4. Head Coach of Ice Hockey Team

As ice hockey becomes a popular game in Russia, being the head coach can be an advantage. If you really love ice hockey and used to be coach assistant, you can try to apply for the job. If you haven’t been an assistant, you can try from now on. For the great job, you can earn $4,443.

5. Construction Site Manager

The position has so many names. Construction site manager is also called as construction manager, building manager or site agent. The job of a construction site manager is making sure that the construction is carried out safely, on time and within the right budget. The manager should oversee those things on day-to-day basis because one day failure can be a great problem. If you enjoy such overseeing job, you can try to apply and earn around $3,702 per month.

6. Dentist/ Doctor

Being a dentist/ doctor in general can earn you around $2,971 per month. This is because Russian government gives a huge attention to health sector. A dentist/ doctor should have a high skill to take care of patients. Any negligence or incompetence can disadvantage the patients. Thus, they earn high salary for such high responsibility.

7. Risk Manager

If you are familiar with big business, you may as well know this position. A risk manager is responsible to avoid any harmful situation that may occur in a company/ business. There are so many risks that the manager should handle. Those include law, economic, crime and environmental factors. With so many risks, a risk manager is paid the same as a doctor receives, which is around $2,971 per month.

8. IT Analyst

If you are a graduate of computer science or computer engineering, you may be happy applying to this position. This position offers you around $2,817 per month. Your responsibilities will be designing and implementing functional and cost-efficient IT systems.

In addition to be an IT expert, you have to be an analyst expert and understand the business needs. These are to make sure that you have good ability in solving problems accordingly.

Those are 8 highest paying jobs in Russia in 2018. You should also know about common questions of foreigners seeking jobs in Russia.

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