5 Internships for English Speakers in Russia

internship in RussiaThere is a sad fact about finding a job. You want to apply for job, so you can get experience. However, you need an experience to get a job, otherwise, nobody will hire you. Who does put this kind of requirement anyway?

By the way, enough with blaming. Because blaming will not take you anywhere. If you need an experience, you can have one. Besides, it is even better if you do it while you have so much free time or if you are still an international student. Because most of the internships don’t pay well.

In addition to gaining experience, you also get the insights about business life. So, you will know more about the industry you are in than those who don’t. Besides, you need to know whether your dream job is your job or not. Because sometimes, your dream job just burden you a lot or makes you so bored. You don’t want to spend a year working on a business you don’t like, right?

So, here are 5 internships for English speakers in Russia you can try.

1. Wireless System Internship

If you fond of building wireless system and you are a student of the required position, you can try applying this job. In addition to building a system, you can be a scientist in term of technology. You are responsible for working on novel concepts of next generation wireless communication systems.

Then, if you find a problem in the system, you are also responsible to identify it so you can offer an algorithm for the solution. Your may require to prove your system concept through simulation. While working as an intern you will be able to explore the area and be ready to jump into the real business. You may as well get a chance of the job offering if you do a great job.

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2. Sales/ Marketing Trainee

In the era of e-commerce and where trading business is everywhere, the existence of sales/ marketing team is crucial. This also becomes one of factors that makes product/ service expensive. This is because, although sales and marketing are front-liners, they receive high salary. They get bonus for every sales they make and their bonus are usually high. This is to make sure that they can do aggressive marketing.

In addition to being the high-paid front-liner, however, a sales/ marketing is just like the other front-liner. They only receive basic salary which is no more than any other front-liners receive if they don’t make any sales. Although it seems fine, this is actually a sad truth. They do so many things to make sales, but eventually, the decision is on the customers hands.

Moreover, the requirements are usually put heavy burden on them. They should have so many soft skills, like leadership, entrepreneurship and influencing. All of those are to make their marketing effective. Nonetheless, if you like to do some selling and want to be an entrepreneur, you can sharpen your skill with this position.

3. University Recruiter

Do you remember several people giving you some advice and opportunities just before you graduated from high school or university? So, the job description will not be too far from what you have already known. You just need to make offers to those graduates to help them directly get a job offered in front of them. Sometimes, you need to make those students know that finding a job is hard. Getting the job you offer is especially important for them who are not certain with their future and for them who don’t think they can go to the university. However, your offer may not work for those who have so many prospects.

Being a university recruiter is not hard nor bad. There are so many international companies hiring university recruiters to make hiring more effective and fast. Basically, your job is helping them to find job easily.

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4. Future Talent Programme

It is a great chance for you to be a part of a company or business. The division you will be working in is according to each company. You may work at technical, managerial or any other department. Any department will give you some good experiences that you will need to improve your skills and give you insights of business life. Because you will engage in a serious situation although you are still learning. You will work like a permanent worker. You will do every job that permanent workers do.

Moreover, as this is a future talent programme, you will not know so much about your job descriptions thus, the company will provide you will your schedule and job descriptions. So you can get ready for any circumstances that you will face in the future when you become a real worker. Moreover, you may get a chance to work in the company you take your internships.

5. Channel Management

If you enjoy working with so many people and not to mention engaging in good conversation with them, you probably want to try this. You are responsible with partner’s information and data. You also need to support Partner Relationship Management deployment and any other responsibilities required.

Those are 5 internships for English speakers in Russia. You should also read ways and rules to get jobs in Russia.

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