How to Find Promising Job as Foreigners Who Live in Russia

job for foreignersYou probably have known that Russia used to be the house of wealthiest expats in the world. By taking that, you get a clue that a foreigner, like you, can live a good life in Russia. Then, your next question is probably what kind of job they were doing?

An expat life in Russia is just like the lives of any other people in Russia. You will earn much if you work at an industry that full of risk. Thus, salary you can earn depend on your education, experience and field. Your salary range from $1,000 to $3,000 per month and even more if you have 10 years experience.

So, basically you can find promising job as foreigners in Russia in any industry you take as long as you have experience. This is how to find promising job as foreigners who live in Russia.

1. English Teacher

If you wish to have a promising job in Russia, you can a an English teacher. As it is a promising job, however, being able to speak in English is not enough. You need to have a TEFL/ TESOL certificate to prove that you have English proficient. That way, you will have high salary while learning new cultures and meeting new students with different way of thinking.

Why do you need such certificate? Well, there are so many foreigners in Russia. Some of them have probably known about vast job opportunities for foreigners. Thus, having such certificate will get you out of competition and you will have huge possibility of getting hired as there are so many job opportunities for native English to be a teacher.

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2. Head Chef

Do you like a restaurant life? Do you have an experience as a chef? Although you are an expat, you can apply as a head chef in Russia as long as you have some years of experience as a chef. Being able to be one, you can earn more than just $3,000/ month. Besides, you can earn some other benefits like housing, medical insurance, paid vacation, relocation and transport. Besides, you may learn new things by working in a foreign country like Russia.

3. Social Worker

Being a social worker is also a promising job if you can find one that is run by a big company. It is also a good chance to train your social and communication skills. Besides, you probably have known that one of activities that will make you happy is going social. You will be happy by helping people. Because you will happy if you see other people happy. You can start by being a social worker.

Besides helping people, you can make changes you want. How bad the world has turned? How much do you wish to change but you don’t have much friend to make a change? So, this is your time to take part in social activities and get paid. You will get so many benefits that range from vacation days and pension plan. So, start looking for a big company that runs a social job. Apply and get hired.

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4. Payroll Manager

There are so many companies in Russia that open managerial positions like Payroll Manager for expat. This is due to the fact that there are so many capable expat who are successful and rich. Besides, you will get the job as long as you can fulfill all the requirements for local people. There is no other weird requirements that are hard for an expat to fulfill. Interesting, right? So, if you have an experience as a payroll officer, you can apply. The hiring person will happily hire you if you have good records of your previous job. It is even a plus if you have unique skill, like being able to speak several foreign languages and earn more.

5. Chief Credit Risk Specialist

Another high-level job is into the list. If you have an incredible analysis skill, you can apply for this job. This is one of promising jobs you can have in Russia. Besides you can work in any industry that offers credit for people. You can work in such industry as real estate, pledged inventory, automobiles, production equipment, pledge of receivables, etc.

6. Director of Human Resource Department

Being an expat also means that you have to win all competition against local people. This means that you have to be an expert in your field to be able to beat all of your competitors. Because other kinds of jobs are rare or unavailable for expat.

That’s why there are so many leadership positions available in Russia and in any other countries, including directorial positions. To be a director, you need to have at least five years working experience in managerial position in your field, which is in this case, is human resource department. As you will have huge responsibilities, you should also be able to create system to make sure that everything is in accordance with companies rules and regulations.

Those are the explanation of how to find promising job as foreigners who live in Russia. There are still so many other job you can try. You should also read ways and rules getting job in Russia.

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