8 Popular Jobs in Russia for Science Graduate

scientistAre you a Russian science student and you will graduate in no time? Do you worry about job opportunities for you? Well, no need. Because there are a lot of job opportunities out there waiting for you.

In a globalization era, jobs opportunities tend to take side on corporate sector, like managerial or secretarial. Moreover, when trading sector is popular, sales and marketing are in huge demand. So, what should science graduates do? Do you need to hang your degree and do some marketing, instead? Or do you need to take a short business course? Honestly, you can do both, but not necessarily.

In the time when technology, factories and governmental sectors are vital, science takes part. Do you think that governmental sector does not need any political science professionals? And who are the ones responsible for canning the soup? There you go. (Also check: business dining etiquette and fashion rule that you must know in Russia.)

So, below are 8 popular job in Russia for science graduate to help you get going.

1. Scientist

Sounds so fancy, huh? But, no. Don’t think that every scientist should do such job as what Thomas A. Edison did. In fact, in a time like this,, almost any graduate from science major can become a scientist. How? Because as you may know, there are scientists behind some innovations. These innovations do not necessarily related to natural science, but it can also include computer science.

In a time where technology is in huge demand, the need of IT is also great. Their jobs are mainly about developing some software or applications to increase user’s experience in any sector.

2. Data Science Engineer

Being a data science engineer is about collecting and analyzing data from an established application. Although it sounds so easy, but the job is not just about that. The job requires a data science engineer to develop frameworks for data ingestion and processing. The applicant should also extend intelligent approaches to detect and to root cause the outliers in the data models, to identify inconsistencies in data, come up with scalable algorithms (for data processing and machine learning) on how to diagnose the root causes of errors and is expected to understand the results of the algorithms/models and reiterate/enhance the algorithms given the updated results. Moreover, s/he should improve and fine-tune the recommendations framework on multiple platforms.

3. Medical Science Liaison

Health apparently becomes the main concern in Russia. You can see from the many advertisement in online platform for health sector. The opportunities are varied from technical engineer, data scientist and medical science liaison. It seems that Russian government takes healthcare seriously. This can be your opportunity if your science program apply to this sector.

For medical science liaison, there are two opportunities, which are for cardio and oncology. Meanwhile, the requirements vary among one place to another. One may require applicant to have experience in pharmacist, while another does not.

4. Journalist or Political Correspondent

Journalists who have political background can write news better than those who are only able to write and become a journalist. These kinds of journalists can put their insights and some analyses into writing. This can give more quality to their writing when compared to general journalist. Moreover, this can also make public become smarter in handling public and governmental issue. They can spread any news of activities occurs in governmental sector to the public. So, the public will not see government activities as suspicious ones.

5. Lobbyist

For those who have political science background, you can be one of these lobbyist. Their duty is basically collect and analyse data obtained from certain events and public opinions. Their ability to obtain such data is beneficial for both of them and the country, even the world. Because they bring facts. These data are then used to persuade some politicians to enact legislation that would benefit them and the world, in general. Also read: etiquette in Russia that you need to know.

6. Policy Analyst

If you want to see yourself as a statesman, you probably want to start it by becoming a policy analyst. Policy analyst is responsible to analyse new or established policies stipulated by government and make sure that everyone can benefit from there. If there is one error or there are facts that some people cannot benefit from the policies, it is also a policy analyst’s duty to present the merits and faults to someone in power.

7. Public Relation Specialist

If you think that public relation is only a matter of being able to engage and communicate with relations, you need to update that knowledge. For someone who has political science background, it is ensuring that s/he uses the right word about politician and politic in general to the press. Because politician should be a model of good behavior. Thus, stressful and easy to angry politician needs a public relation specialist to make sure that public knows that their representatives are good people. (Also check: ways to say apologize in Russian language.)

8. QA/ Test Engineer

If you have a specific science background, like chemical, you can be a Quality Analyst/ Test Engineer. Your main responsibility is to ensure the quality of products. Meanwhile, other responsibilities are specified according to each business.

Those are 8 popular job in Russia for science graduate. You can also read ways and rules to get job in Russia.

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