6 Work Opportunities for International Students in Russia

int students in RussiaIf you are an international student in Russia, you have a great opportunity to get job as long as you get  a work permit. Besides, you have to make sure that you are full-time students. It means that you study for at least one year and not an exchange student. Unless, you will not receive a work permit.

Fulfilling your needs as a student in Russia may be a struggle, especially if you love to travel. You may not know when your laptop or gadget is going to break. If that happens, you will surely need extra money that you can get from working. Besides, who don’t want to have some pleasure. You should enjoy your life while you’re still young.

So, here are 6 work opportunities for international students in Russia that you can try.

1. Part Time Manager

Do you think that being a manager is only for those who have at least five years experience and should be all the time at office? In this case, you are wrong.

Being an international student gives you several advantages including being a part time manager in a translation agency. A translation agency always needs those who can speak other languages other than Russia. With the presence of an international student who speaks another language, the agency sees it as an opportunity.

The job description of a part time manager may vary, depending on each agency. However, their main duty is usually writing a business letter or other confidential document to be submitted to foreign company. You may also be a business correspondent who is responsible with keeping in touch with current and potential partners via e-mail.

2. Sales Manager

When talking about sales, everyone can do it, as long as they have broad connection, including students. The advantage of being a sales while you are still a student is that you still have so many friends. You can also help them by offering them the product you sell. That way, you will sell many and receive bonus so much.

Although you may get so many bonus from sales, you should decide which industry that you want to take. Because being a sales can be difficult if you make wrong decision. First, you should analyse products that students and ultimately your friends need. You will not be a successful sales unless you sell much. So, make sure that most of your friends and your teachers use this product. One example is travel. Your Russian friends will really need this, let alone your teachers.

3. Business Development Manager

As a business development manager, your job description does not differ much from that of sales. However, some differences remain. By taking this position, you may have a chance to get one to two months of internship. Because being a business development manager is much harder than being a sales. You should be able to make deals independently. You should decide what kind of people or organization that you should sell your offer to. Besides, you need to manage sales and any marketing possibilities. The point is, you are your own boss. Just imagine that you run your own business and this is it. Thus the point of hiring an international student is that you can be a representative of the Russian company in your country by selling their product.

4. Working at the University

If you don’t want to work with people that you don’t know or if you don’t want to work too far from your place of study and living, you can work at university. Each university usually has job offer for international student that you can try.

You can work at library, cafeteria, computer center or be a teacher assistant. Although you may not receive much, at least you can buy extra snacks. Besides, you can meet other people so you have broad Russian language exposure to make you learn the language faster.

5. Restaurants and Bars

You can be a waiter in a restaurant and bar that are so many in Russia. If you have an experience as a cook, you can be a cook. If you have previously become a waiter or a cook in your country, you can receive more salary. There shouldn’t be a problem if you haven’t been one before. Because those places usually need more people especially on weekends. They also need more workers if one of the employees takes a day off.

However, working at restaurants or bars that are usually open at night may exhaust you. Your time to study is cut, even some restaurant may require you to arrive at the work place just after you finish your class. So, it’s up to your decision and time management.

6. Call Center

Everyone can be a call center. You only need a good communication skill and be able to handle any difficult situation in calm. You cannot angry at your customer. The only thing important is that you are able to explain everything clearly.

If you become a telesales, you should know about while selling your product. Meanwhile, your job as customer support is about understanding your industry and make sure that you give useful explanation to them.

Those are 6 work opportunities for international students in Russia. You should also read ways and rules to get job in Russia.

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