4 Job Opportunities for Foreigners in Russia That You Can apply

job in RussiaAre you looking for jobs in Russia? Well, don’t be afraid as there are so many people are the same as you are. Just like in any other countries, working in Russia is also available for an expat like you. Moreover, Russia used to be the house of the most successful expat in the country. So, as long as you do your job, you will be alright and you will find the job you want and deserve.

When talking about job in foreign country, it is quite a challenge. Why? Because there is a huge tendency that some of your dream jobs are indeed already full of domestic people. Those jobs are mostly that require medium to low professionalism. Meanwhile, job opportunities with high professionalism are always good choices in the country. However, if you are confidence with your English proficiency, then you can work at some institution or do a freelance work related to authorship.

So, we are here to help you find the right job in following 4 job opportunities for foreigners in Russia that you can apply. You can also check ways and rules to get a job in Russia.

1. ESL Teacher

Although you can only speak some basic Russian sentences, don’t be discouraged applying job in education sector as there is a huge demand of ESL teachers for English speakers in Russia, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg. You can see this by the fact that there are so many students attending private language schools to improve their English language and knowledge. One of the reasons urging those students to attend such school is because the quality of education in their town.

Moreover, there are so many Western companies and the presence of huge influx of foreign tourists in the regions. This make society think that they should adapt themselves to the globalization where there would be so many foreign people with visa in their area. In addition to being able to adapt to the new situation, they can communication and presumably help and find themselves a job. So, if you are proficient in English, like to share knowledge, able to teach and have good communication skill, you can try to apply for the job at some schools or institution. There is a huge chance that you will get this job.

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2. Working at authorship and publishing company

You should be grateful of having English language skill. As you know that English is an international language. You can work in any countries for the skill. You can work at authorship and publishing company or you can also become a freelancer in authorship sector.

If you enjoy writing and have your own website, why don’t you try becoming a freelancer or apply for job in publishing. By freelancing, you can be a ghost writer, content writer, freelance editor or copywriter. You can also become a journalist, content writer, copywriter or editor in a publishing or other companies.

Becoming a freelancer while keeping up with your education is a good choice. You can also become a freelancer if you think that you cannot make enough money with your current job. While becoming a freelance gives you more freedom of lifestyle and control over income, however, it can be a hard work. So, you decide.

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3. Working at an MNC (Multi National Company)

There are many western corporations that have business interest in the Russia and most of the offices are located in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. If you want to work in a corporation or have good experience working in such place, you can take this chance.

However, there is also a huge tendency that such companies do not advertise any opening widely. They usually take foreign employees from their branches in other countries. So, the best thing you can do is finding the company’s contact and directly submit your CV. If it is impossible, you can ask one of the employees of the name of hiring manager or HR manager. This might be quite naughty, but saying that you have a meeting with the manager is your best chance. When you meet him/ her, don’t forget to say that your real intention is to apply for job and that finding the company’s contact is nearly impossible. The reason is considerably acceptable for a job seeker.

Moreover, working at an MNC will give you so many advantages. They usually will handle the relocation, including visa for you and your family, and will provide you with retirement, insurance and other employee benefits. However, working at an MNC is hard.

4. Travel Sales and Customer Support Representative

Sales and marketing are popular nowadays. Why? This is because there are more and more people opening trading and travel business. Besides, we have already arrived at the time when old companies expand its businesses and open some branches throughout the world. So, customer support representative is vital to improve customer’s experience and convenience.

Those are 4 job opportunities for foreigners in Russia that you can apply. There are actually so many more job opportunities depending on the availability and the area where you will live. Also read: Russian business dining etiquette.

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