6 Part Time Jobs in Russia for International Students

international students workWorking as an international student in Russia might be a little bit risky and difficult. This is because Russian government surely does not want to provide unreliable labor market for employer. Thus, every potential employee should have a permit for stay at least 1 year to be able to obtain work permit.

If an employee has such permit, she/he can work freely in any sector and place s/he wants. If someone who insists on working while there is no such permit at hand is caught, s/he will be fined and even get deported.

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However, it is different for international students. Because some are only exchange students, thus making them cannot stay for 1 year. Work permit is only provided to full-time students only. Even though full-time students can get the permit, they will still face difficult bureaucracy. They can only work in the place specified in the permit, which is usually around certain sector and not far from the university they attend. Moreover, they will still face language barrier because some employers will not bother themselves speaking English if they can’t.

If you insist on getting a job while studying, here are 6 part time jobs in Russia for international students that you can try. Some of them are without difficulties while some others with their own difficulties.

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1. Social Media Evaluator

There are so many companies offering part-time job, like Appen. Most of the job offerings are related to technology and often require gadgets. You can look for Appen’s job advertisements from any online job platform.

If you have some new gadgets and your social media accounts are quite famous, you will be easily get hired by Appen. Did I say social media? Yes, I did. So, basically, you only need to work on social media.

One of the jobs is becoming social media evaluator. Generally, Appen’s jobs only require the selected employees to work 5 days a week for 1 hour each. You will receive salary according to hours you spend working on project given. And the amount of compensation you receive depends on the project you receive. Moreover, you are allowed to extend the required working days and hours, if you want more cash and have more time.

2. Online English Teacher

There is a plus in becoming English speakers. If you are from an English speaking country, you can try to apply this job. Since it is online, your working hour is highly flexible. You can actually choose your own working hour based on your availability. You only need to provide fast internet connection and there you have it.

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Moreover, if you decide to live the rest of your life in the country, you can start gathering a mass of students. You can do this by building a connection with your students. The advantage of this option is that you can decide your own salary which is lower than the actual money that the parents of those students should pay. This also means that you can gather more number of students than you probably have. However, working as a teacher means that you have to be able to speak Russian quite fluently.

3. Intern Finance Assistant

There are some companies that open some positions for part-time job seekers. One of the job available for you is intern finance assistant. If you want to get high salary and you are an accounting student, you can apply this job. This also means that you have eagerness in helping and doing some errands. You should also be the one who are effective working with a team.

4. Campus Ambassador

As you are familiar with campus life, being a campus ambassador is probably the thing that you can do most. The requirements is basically about understanding some information of the campus you are working with. Generally, you will find no difficulties working in this sector, except for arranging the right time for you.

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5. Freelance Writing

Writing is what ,any students can do. They have their own opinions and knowledge. The only thing they need to struggle with is the structure of writing that only takes minutes to learn.

What kind of writing you can make? As travelling is quite famous nowadays, you can be a local guide by writing for newspaper and magazines. If you have good writings, you may get lucky as a company notices your works and offer you a permanent job.

6. Teacher Assistant

The competition for being a teacher assistant might be tight and gives you very low salary, but it’s worth so much. If you have an experience of becoming a teacher assistant, any company will give you high consideration. However, this kind of job is mostly offered, not sought after. If you are bright enough, there is a high tendency a lecturer offers you this kind of job. So, keep struggling for your future.

So, those are 6 part time jobs in Russia for international students. Basically, there are so many jobs for part-timer and for students. You can look for it online for any sector, salary and any others you prefer. Those are just general overview to give you insights. Happy hunting.

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