5 Must-Know Facts of Muslim in Russian Military

5 facts of muslim in Russian MilitaryEveryone has the right to choose their religion or belief. This right should not be opposed or pervaded by anyone, including the profession itself. The right to choose a religion is a human right that has been put into the provisions of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR).

UNCHR is a UN-affiliated body to deal with human rights worldwide. Whatever his profession in choosing a religion should be based with a conscience, including the military profession. This article will discuss about 5 facts of muslim in Russian Military.

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In Russia has a compulsory military policy but not all must be a Russian soldier. This military service is used so that Russian citizens can defend their country if the state needs them when there is a threat to Russia. Russian citizens have no compulsion in choosing religion because the Russian government has given freedom to russian citizens to be free to choose religion even though the citizen is a soldier. Here are 5 Facts of Muslim in Russian Military.

1. Russian Muslim army against ISIS

Many of the world are angry at the behavior of radical groups ISIS (islamic state irak and suriah). This condition resulted in the Russian government taking the stance to storm the best Russian Muslim army to attack the ISIS militant group. As quoted in the Russian media daily, by attacking not only air strikes that should be used to attack ISIS, but also ground attacks. This condition is believed to accelerate the ISIS is destroyed so that our lives in the global community more peaceful. The situation made Russia officially launch its first attack on Syria to destroy ISIS. Therefore, more than 20 Russian fighter jets attacked three provinces in Syria believed to be the headquarters of ISIS.

2. Number of Most Moslem Russian Army

For the number of soldiers, Russia can be categorized as a country with the most active soldiers including the russian Muslim army. According to data from a study showing Russia has at least 766 thousand Muslim soldiers. This number is probably not the most, but still entered the world’s top four after Indonesia, Arab and Malaysia. However, the question of the quality and skill of the Russian soldiers is unnecessary, because of the number, the average is a member of the elite forces, including the famous Spetsnaz. If you look carefully at the amount and quality, then it can be said that this russian Muslim army is the best.

The number of Muslim soldiers reached one-fifth of the Russian military. The Russian government has ensured that Muslim soldiers can perform prayers or get halal food intake. In addition, the Russian government has established an organization under the auspices of the government under the name RMW (Rusian militery women). The organization was founded in 1991, the organization introduced Islamic values, solved family problems and helped Muslim women find jobs. Currently, RMW already has 50 branches throughout Russia. You can see more about Muslim in Russia by clicking and reading these following articles of 7 Facts About Celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Russia, and 7 Best Places in Moscow for Muslim Traveler .

3. Russian Muslim army with the best defense system

In terms of the number of Russian Muslim soldiers may lose the quantity of some countries but Russia excels in the field of defense systems, especially the land part. Russia is the owner of the best and most powerful land force in the world. This is seen with the most complete and sophisticated number of ground combat devices. For example tanks, where Russia currently has about 15,398 pieces and this number is the most in the world. In addition, Russia still has some other collection of combat equipment such as 31,298 armored fighting vehicles and 3,793 missile launchers.

4. Strength of Russian air muslim army

Russia’s military power is not only known as the country with the best land force, but also strong in the air. This is evidenced by the vast collection of Russian air defense systems. One of them is a fighter aircraft with the number 751, while for the type of attacker Russia has 1438. In addition, Russia also has 500 helicopter gunships as well as thousands of other types of aircraft. Speaking of numbers, the condition is not a problem for Russia. This condition is because Russia is able to make a fighter aircraft.

5. Strength of Russian marine muslim army

Like the land and air military forces, Russia’s maritime military power is also very scary. This condition can be evidenced by the large number of Russian navy fleets. As written by Russian media daily that Russia has many warships in various types such as 81 Corvette, 15 Destroyer, and 4 Frigates. In addition, the red bear country is also still save 60 submarines that have the ability to destroy a very large opponent. As you know that Russia is the best product of marine defense equipment so that Russia is very easy in adding warships. You can also read about 8 Most Popular Halal Restaurant in Moscow

Thus the full and in-depth explanation of the 5 facts of Muslim in Russian Military. Russia’s military power can not be doubted either in terms of land resistance, air power and sea toughness is much feared by other countries. In addition, Russia is able to produce its own endurance system tools such as tanks, fighter planes and warships. This condition is sharpened with a high financial ability by budgeting funds for the purposes of Russian military forces. For those of you who are curious then you should visit Russia to be able to see Russian military power. If you have language constraints then you should learn Russian first so you can communicate with Russian citizens.

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