7 Beautiful Tradition Of Wedding Customs In Dagestan, Russia

Culture and tradition are something that is very valuable and must always be maintained. Tradition is a witness of the length of history that has been traversed by a nation or country. And sometimes, the tradition is considered to result in something bad happening if it is not done. In accordance with their respective beliefs. […]

5 Trends Of Muslim Fashion In Russia

Fashion is a very important thing for some people. “Fashion will show who you are without you having to explain it,” the saying reveals the importance of fashion. Fashion is relative. Everyone has different fashion tastes. And the fashion trend of the world is always changing and growing from year to year. This fashion trend […]

7 Muslim Traditions on Ramadan in Russia

Muslims in Russia are the second largest religion in Russia after the orthodox catholic. Muslim community in Russia has a variety of activities that can create tolerance between religious communities. Muslims in this white bear country have reached about 25 million Muslims. Every major Islamic religious day in Russia is festively celebrated with various local traditions. In […]