10 Most popular museums to visit in Russia

This year Russia, a country well known to the world. This is because Russia is the place of the 2018 World Cup event. Russia is the largest part of the soviet union. The country has various tribes and cultures. The cultural heritage of their ancestors was plastered in every museum in Russia. Various relics are shown in the museum. Many museums in Russia are used as tourist attractions to attract foreign tours to visit Russia. By visiting the museum you are learning about culture in Russia. Various ethnic and heritage is in this museum including the famous ethnic caucasian. This article will cover about 10 most popular museums to visit in Russia.

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This Russian nasty, in addition to being used as a media campaign of the Russian government is also used as a place of cultural preservation of various ethnic groups in Russia. This mesum is spread evenly in various cities in Russia. This museum in Russia shows historical relics of either culture, historical events or other ancestral heritage. Here are 10 most popular museums to visit in Russia, as below.

1. Kremlin

10 Most popular museums to visit in RussiaThis Kremlin is one museum in Moscow, the capital of Russia. The work of this architecture became a symbol of the city of Moscow. In the 15th century, this place was used as a treasure house for ethnic tsars in Russia. The museum is located near the president’s office complex area.

Therefore this place is more favored by the visitors compared with similar museums. The museum features historical relics such as the legendary Monomakh’s cap and imperial crown, medals and horse-drawn carriages, armored uniforms, weapons, and ceremonial uniforms, and Faberge’s jewelry masterpiece.

2. State History Museum

10 Most popular museums to visit in RussiaThe museum is located in the vicinity of Red Square area, Moscow city of Russia. The museum shows a variety of ethnic tsar-tsarist wreaths. These relics are artifacts, clothing or archeological inheritance of other tsarist ethnic heritage.

The museum is located adjacent to the church of categral st. basil, arrogant patriotic war 1612 and boyar room (the room used to be a room for the nobility or the rich).

3. Pushkin Fine Arts Museum

10 Most popular museums to visit in RussiaThis museum shows artwork in the form of statues that embrace various streams. This place used to be the venue for the exhibition of russian legendary artists Bronzino, Titian, Botticelli, El Greco, Jan Gossaert and Pussin.

The museum is now a silent witness to the work of the artists, but their work is still on display in this museum. Also read famous places and most popular cuisine in Moscow.


4. Art Deco Museum

10 Most popular museums to visit in RussiaThe museum contains several collections of sculptures from various artists. One of the most phenomenal works in this museum is a statue of figure figures from the masterpiece of the famous Russian artist Demetre Ciparus. This masterpiece was inspired by the ballets russes by artist Sergei Diaghelev.




5. AZ Museum

10 Most popular museums to visit in RussiaThe museum is also located in the Russian city of Moscow. This museum is dedicated to the legendary Russian artist Anatoly Zverev who triumphed in the 1970s. He is the best Russian artist with a flow of expressionist and abstractionist. This museum only displays the masterpiece of the legendary zverev. Hundreds of graphic sheets from zverev streaks show up in this museum.



6. Museum of Multimedia Art

The museum is located in the heart of Moscow, Russia. The museum building has six floors with five exhibition halls. The exhibition in this museum is closely related to mutlimedia such as photography, videography and contemporary art. This museum is the brainchild of Olga Sliviblova.

7. Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

The reliability of the museum lies in the artistic design of the museum. Museum here is not much lebiah many artifacts or objects on display compared to similar museums in the Russian city of Moscow. The interior design in this museum resembles a cafe in odessa. The main exhibition hall at the museum focuses on the masterpiece of a Russian artist named Ralph Appelbaum who created a masterpiece with illustrations of the story of a group of Russian Jews for several hundred years.

8. Moscow Museum of Modern Art

The museum has four exhibition areas. The area is located adjacent. The museum has been running exhibitions from the works of Joan Miro and Robert Rauschenberg featuring classic retrospective artwork

9. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

This place before used as a museum, this building used to function as a restaurant.era soviet uni in gorky park. The construction of the museum was designed by architect Rem Koolhaas. This museum displays the museum’s own private collection of Dasha Zhukova, a billionaire from Russia.

The museum in 2016 features the work of renowned Russian artist Louis Bourgeois. In addition, the couple of famous Russian artists are also featured in this museum which is the masterpiece of Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud.

10. Tretyakov Gallery

The place used as a museum is a place to display the works of painting. All artwork is displayed in this mesuem. In the 15th century, this museum often shows works of art about the works of mannerism, realist, and ‘impressionist’ Russia. In this present era, this museum also shows other types of paintings including Russian socialist-realism and contemporary art.

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Thus a brief but in-depth description of the 10 most popular museums to visit in Russia. For those of you who are curious about the keajabain museum and masterpieces of professional artists of Russia then you should spend some time to vacation and visit the museum in Russia.

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