8 Most popular parks you have to visit when you’re in Russia

8 Most popular parks you have to visit when you're in RussiaEach country must have a garden as green open space to produce oxygen levels in the air. In addition as a provider of fresh air is also used as a tourist attraction. In russia there are also parks in various cities in Russia. The design of the park in several cities in Russia has a different look – different.

Parks in the center of the city in Russia are needed by Russians because it is associated with a hangout in an open area. Park in the city center in several cities in Russia became a favorite place of the Russians.

This article will explain in depth on the 8 Most popular parks you have to visit when you’re in Russia.

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A wide variety of garden shapes and designs are available in Russia. Most parts of Russia have extreme temperatures with extreme temperatures that are below zero degrees Celsius. Therefore, the importance of the garden for the Russians. Here are 8 Most popular parks you have to visit when you’re in Russia.

1. Apterkarsky Ogorod (Park Pharmacist)

The park is located in the heart of the Russian capital, Moscow. This park is on the road propsekt mira which is often used by people in their daily activities. Before entering this park, visitors must buy tickets first in building no 26 / i.

The park is open to the public throughout the year.n winter, visitors can see an ice sculpture exhibition and an orchid flower festival, while in the spring, visitors can enjoy the magnolia magnolia flowers and other exotic flowers grow in bloom. In the summer, visitors can play with the fish in the pond, while in the autumn the park is a very comfortable place to enjoy the colorful autumn leaves.

Operational hour :

Starting Monday – Sunday, 10:00 – 20:00 local time.

Price of admission :

Ordinary tickets 3000.00 Rubles.
Special ticket 200.00 Rubel.
Annual Ticket 4,000.00 Rubel.

2. Hermitage Park

The park is famous for its romantic place in the center of Moscow Russia, precisely at Karetny Ryad St., 3, Moscow 127006, Russia. Life in this park continues to run throughout the year. In winter, you can enjoy a glass of wine after playing ice-skating in the glide area.

When the weather is warmer, this park often holds jazz music events in the afternoon and other festivals. You just lay a blanket to be able to enjoy a picnic on the grass. This park has significance for the Russian people.

This park has a love monument, where there is a myth that the couple who has made the request, walk past this silver heart and your wish will come true. This silver liver has a height of about 3.5 meters. In this park also has a unique tradition: every date of February 14 held flash mob event couples near the heart of the giant silver and became the biggest kiss parade event in the city of Moscow. You can also check best cafes in Russia for youngsters.

Operational hour :

Every Monday – Sunday, 10:00 – 23:00 local time.

Price of admission :

Weekday 250.00 Rubel.

Weekend Day 350.00 Rubel.

3. Gorkiy Central Park of Culture and Recreation

The park has a fountain right in the middle of the park. This park is located at Krymskiy Val St., 9, Moscow 119049, Russia. This tour is also very suitable to spend time relaxing and bermaain with family.

4. Alexander Garden (Aleksandrovsky Sad)

This park tour is located in Manezhnaya ulitsa near Kremlin, Moscow 125009, Russia. At night there are beautiful decorative lights, and beautiful garden conditions and comfortable to make visitors feel at home relaxing in this park. Also read famous places and most popular cuisine in Moscow.

5. Central Botanical Garden

The park is located at Botanicheskaya St., 4 Metro: Vladykino, Moscow 127276, Russia. Tourist attractions are perfect for families to relax in this garden with the beauty of beautiful and beautiful collection of plants. In addition, in this park there is a place that is perfect for selfi and nature activities such as camping.

6. Lilac Garden

This park is one of the parks that have rides games in Russia. The beauty of this city park makes visitors feel comfortable and relaxed sitting in this park. The park is located at Shelkovskoye hwy, 10/12, Moscow 105122, Russia. When the holidays arrive, the park is crowded with visitors. In addition to the beauty of the garden is overgrown with various types of flowers, this park also has an excellent level of garden hygiene. The cleanliness, the beauty of flowers and there are rides to make this park a favorite park for tourists.

7. Catherine Palace and Park

This place in addition there are parks, but also museums so that tourists can visit the two places of the park and museum. This place is located at Sadovaya St., 7, Pushkin, St. Petersburg 196601, Russia.

Operational hour :
Wednesday to Monday, 10:00 – 18:00 local time.

Price of admission:
Adults 700.00 Rubles
Student 350.00 Rubel
Groups and Guides (20 – 30 persons under 16 years old) 3,000 Rubles.

8. Park And Gardens of Peterhof

The park is very spacious and beautiful surround a building. In the middle of this garden there is a very beautiful fountain so very pleasant and comfortable relaxing in this park. This place is located at Razvodnaya st., 2, Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Russia. The park is open daily from 09:00 to 20:00 local time, with admission for students 5000.00 Rubles and 250.00 Rubles.

So a brief but in-depth explanation of the 8 Most popular parks you have to visit when you’re in Russia. For those of you going to vacation to Russia should take the time to visit the beautiful parks. You can also read comfortable and must visit coffee shop in Russia.

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