7 Muslim Traditions on Ramadan in Russia

Muslims in Russia are the second largest religion in Russia after the orthodox catholic. Muslim community in Russia has a variety of activities that can create tolerance between religious communities. Muslims in this white bear country have reached about 25 million Muslims. Every major Islamic religious day in Russia is festively celebrated with various local traditions.

In this religious ceremony is no longer ethnic, all together and celebrate the same religious day of Islam. For example, the celebration of the big day of Islam in the month of Ramadan. In the holy month for the Muslims there are various traditions that can strengthen tolerance in Russia. This article will discuss about 7 muslims traditiona on ramadhan in Russia.

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Although the Russian state has a variety of ethnic but for religious matters especially Muslims will unite in organizing major religious activities as in the holy month of Ramadan. Various local traditions exist in organizing activities in the month of Ramadan. Here are 7 muslims traditiona on ramadhan in Russia.

1. Tradition to Eat in Chechnya

Various traditions in celebrating the holy month for Muslims in the month of Ramadan in various countries including Russia. Russia is a country that embraces freedom of religion and has a high sense of tolerance among religious people. One of the traditions in the month of Ramadan for Russian Muslims is to eat at checknya. One of the foods that are here and favored by Russian Muslims and of course kosher is chechen. This food is also delicious and nutritious is also the oldest food in caucasian.

Chechen cuisine is often served when breaking the month of Ramadan. Chechen is not much use cooking seasoning. This food uses a lot of flour and various stuffing in it. Food stuff can be either pumpkin or cottage cheese. This Chechen although not much use of spices but also use spices such as onion, garlic and pepper. Chechen cuisine contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients depending on the type of stuffing.

2. Held Impromptent Bazaar

One of the hallmarks of Ramadan is the impromptu bazaar in several cities in Russia. This impromptu bazaar sells various accessories or related to the needs of Muslims, such as Islam book, prayer equipment, perfume and other Islamic souvernir. Almost all mosques in Russia are chasing an impromptu bazaar, at least once a week.

3. Festival Reads the Qur’an

Duration of fasting in Russia is classified as long as about 17 hours in holding food and drink and things – things that break the fast. In waiting for time to break the fast, many mosques or communities of Muslims in Russia are organizing festivals reading the Qur’an. In addition to reading festivals of the Qur’an, in some cities in Russia also often hold hafiz festivals or memorize verses of the Qur’an. This festival is in great demand by Muslims in Russia. This activity in addition to filling breaking time, but became the main goal for Muslims in Russia to love the Qur’an so that it can mengamalkannya moment in everyday life.

4. All places are prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages

Russian people are famous for the habit of consuming alcoholic beverages. Where alcoholic beverage is a beverage drink that is prohibited consumed at the time of fasting in Ramadan. Therefore, the Russian government has given a ban on traders to sell alcoholic beverages in the month of Ramadan. If there are traders who intentionally sell alcoholic drinks will be given a fine of 100 rubles.  See also Most Popular Drinks in St.Petersburg During Ramadan

5. There is a ramadhan tent

In the month of Ramadan is often seen many tents in the area of mosques in several cities in Russia. Every day there are more than 600 people from different ethnicities and nations who gather in this tent only to break their fast. In this tent people wait to break their fast by holding various events such as the Qur’an reading festival for children. Visitors in this ramadhan tent are not only served traditional russian cuisine which is certainly kosher but also featured documentary film, listening to national music and songs sung by the artists from neighboring countries.

6. Pray at the Restaurant

This habit is often experienced by the Russian people, especially Muslims who run russia fasting in Ramadan. After breaking the fast, many russian Muslims who worship prayers, especially evening prayers at the restaurant is not in the mosque. One example is that many Syrians living in Moscow often worship at the Pasha restaurant located in Severniy. The place is also a lot of immigrants from the Eastern hemisphere who live, such as the people of Syria and Arab. By the way, as talking related to Mosque, you should know about the most famous Mosque in Moscow. 

7. Breaking the Fast Together

As in Indonesia, in Russia there is also an iftar event together. This event is held in accordance with his group such as breaking the fast with colleagues or school friends. This shows the Muslims in Russia have a socialist spirit, a sense of good silahtamami and tolerance among religious people.

Thus a brief but profound explanation of the 7 Muslim Traditions on Ramadan in Russia phenomenon. For those of you who are curious about the ramadan situation in Russia then you should visit Russia in the month of Ramadan surely you will feel the difference.

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