All You Need to Know About Museum of Cats in Russia

Museum of cats in RussiaRussia has a variety of museum spread evenly in various cities in Russia. The museum features a variety of artwork from renowned artists in Russia. Museums in Russia show a growing and growing culture in Russia.

One of the famous museums in Russia that is often visited by local and foreign tourists is a cat museum in the city of Moscow, Russia. Season with Russian language “Московский музей кошки” or Moskovskii Muzei Koshki is a cat-themed museum in Moscow, Russia.

The building of this museum was established since the mareat month of 1933. For more details, this article will discuss in detail and in depth the museum of cats in Russia.

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History of the Cat Museum in Russia

The building begins with an idea to create a cat museum for the first time after an exclusive art exhibition program in May-June 1992, held in Moscow. This initial idea originated from museum maker enthusiasts collecting cat-themed artwork from artists, sculptors, sculptors and graphic artists to be presented to the public through an exhibition. The exhibition is widely known as “Cat’s Eye” and is the most frustrating exhibition of the year. The incident that made the forerunner of the construction of the first cat museum called “Museum of Cats Moscow”.

Collection at Moscow Cat Museum

At this cat museum various artworks are displayed. As the name implies the art work of this cute animal animal is plastered real in every exhibition gallery in this museum building. Cat-themed artworks such as paintings, graphics, ceramics, batik, rugs, costumes, apps, dolls, installations, and more. In this Moscow Cat museum has a collection of more than 1500 works of cat-themed art. See also Popular Foods in Moscow During Ramadan.

Many visitors visit this museum place. This work of cat themed art in addition to exhibited there is also an event for the auction process of artwork that is very artistic. Artworks that seem artistic and have high artistic value will be sold at a high price. In addition to artwork in the form of paintings, sculptures or other fine arts, in the Moscow cats museum is also held how many dance performances or theater art that still put forward the theme of the cat. This museum is highly recommended for your visit while you are vacationing in Russia.

Museum Support Facility

Every tourist place must have supporting facilities to visitors including museum. Like most museums in the Moscow cat museum, there are also several public facilities in the Moscow cat museum of Russia, as below.

  • Exhibition space

One of the definite facilities is the exhibition space. This exhibition hall contains works of art from the cat museum in the Russian city of Moscow. Visitors can enjoy various works of art with the theme of cat like in the form of painting, sculpture, ceramic and so on. This room became the main focus in the cat museum in the Russian city of Moscow.

  • Auditorium

One facility of the cat Museum in Moscow, Russia that visitors can get during the stay in this Museum is the Auditorium. Activities undertaken in the Auditorium are screenings of films, lectures, seminars, and other activities related to educational or cat-themed exhibitions. Auditorium capacity in this museum as many as 200 people. Film screening themed cat can visitors get in accordance with a predetermined schedule.

  • Education room

In addition to the exhibition hall and auditorium there is also an educational space that visitors can take advantage of. Activities carried out in the education room are lectures and discussions. The capacity of educational space is much less than the auditorium that is approximately 40 people. Utilization of educational space should be no prior notice to the cat museum board in the Russian city of Moscow.

This room was deliberately used for learning facilities such as about cat-themed artwork, museum history of Moscow cat, even directly related to the cat. If you are with a group bringing the children – forth soon contact the manager of Moscow cat museum, Russia so that later can enjoy this educational room facilities.

  • Auction room

This room is used to auction artwork that has been exhibited at the cat museum in the Russian city of Moscow. This room is very much awaited by the visitors because seeing the amazing artwork without having it is like a dish without seasoning. After the exhibition time is over it will open the auction room to be able to auction off the artwork with the theme of a cat in Moscow cat museum of Moscow, Russia.

  • Mosque

Although this city is not a city with the most Muslims in Russia but the followers of Prophet Muhammad SAW is numbered not less than 2 million inhabitants. It is this situation that requires the cat museum in the Russian city of Moscow to build a mosque in the museum area. The mosque can accommodate about 700 visitors. You must read this article most beautiful mosques in russia.

  • Souvernir shop

In meeting the needs of cat museum visitors in the Russian city of Moscow in the procurement of souvenirs, the cat museum has a souvernir shop facility. In souvernir shop visitors this cat musem can get souvenirs in the form of books t-shirts, hats or other accessories are cat-themed.

Thus the full and in-depth explanation of the museum of cats in Russia. For those of you who are curious about the state of the cat museum in Moscow, Russia then you should visit this museum when you are in the country of Russia. This museum gives its own uniqueness compared to similar cat museum like in malaysia or singapore. This cat museum does not show the real cat but the cat in the form of artwork. You can also read more about Moscow, the capital city of Russia, through the following articles:7 Best Places in Moscow For Muslim Travelers8 Most Popular Halal Restaurants in Moscow, and 16 Types of Most Popular Cuisines in Moscow, Russia.

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