6 Facts of Muslim Men in Russia (Every ladies must know!)

The development of Islam in Europe has become a growing mushroom, especially in Russia. Islam in Russia is the second religion after orthodox Christianity. Historically speaking, Russian Muslims have coexisted peacefully and securely with non-Muslims, one of them Orthodox.

“Islam in Russia can not be separated by the spiritual life of Russians”, the statement was officially expressed by the Russian president, Vladimir putin when inaugurating the grand mosque in the city of Moscow. The statement indicates the position of the Russian government which considers that Islam is a religion that loves peace and can make friendship. Where the number of Muslims in Russia is dominated by Russian men. In this article will be covered comprehensively and deeply 6 facts of muslim men in Russia.

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According to the European statistics center, Europe’s largest Muslim population is 14 million in Russia. That’s why it means that 10% of the Red Bear population is Muslim, and the largest in all of Europe. The record also shows the average age of adherents of Islamic religion in Russia is 32 years with the largest portion of the Russian men. Various interesting facts you need to know about Muslims men in Russia. Here are 6 facts of Muslims men in Russia, as below.

1. Accustomed to eating with the left hand

The ingenuity of an ingrained Russian man is to eat food with his left hand. According to Islamic views, food and drinking with the left hand is not good, even those who eat and drink with their left hand will get bad prayers from Prophets and Rosuls, especially Prophet Muhammad SAW. This condition is also reinforced by the hadith narrated by Muslim from Ibn Umar, where it is said that the Prophet Muhammad only uses the right hand to do good things, because according to the Prophet only devils who want to use the left hand when eating or drinking.See also Popular Foods in Moscow During Ramadan

Indeed, most Caucasian men often dominate the use of the left hand compared with the right hand. This situation can be caused by two factors: nature (nature) and nuture (parenting). This nature factor is triggered by genetic (heredity), frequency of ultrasound, right body malfunction and there is stimulus of the hormone testosterone which resulted in the dominant function of the right brain so that the left side of the body more active. While the nuture factor is triggered by often seeing the behavior of adults using the left hand, was deliberately trained using the left hand, the culture around and personal desires.

2. Maintaining tolerance among religious people

Muslim men in Russia in addition to diligent worship also always keep harmony among religious people. Although the religion of Islam is the second largest religion in Russia, the Russian Muslim men always favor religious tolerance. Every social activity, many Russian Muslim men work with non-Muslim men in Rusia.

3. Honoring guests

It has become a tradition of Russian people in welcoming the guests who come to his house. Whenever a visitor to a Muslim man’s house in Russia is greeted warmly and provided some food to eat. The food that has been provided should be spent but if not spent will make the host menggangap guests are not polite.

4. Always keep the promise

The majority of russian Muslim men always keep the promises that have been agreed. According to Islam, the promise is debt and must be done. This rule is believed by russian man in running their daily life. The nature of this mandate is the look of Muslim men russian you deserve as an example of Muslims.

5. More frequent congregational prayers in the mosque

One characteristic of Muslim men is more frequent prayer in congregation in mosques. This situation is seen in russian Muslim men where not a few mosques in Russia are seen crowded with the congregation. According to Islamic kiadah, the purpose of the main congregational prayer besides prospering the mosque is to create a good religious behavior that is a relationship with God by improving the quality of worship, as well as a relationship with fellow human beings in the form of motivation to always behave well according to the degree of obedience.

6. Pray always in time

One of the obligations for Muslims is to pray in time. This is shown by the majority of Muslim men in Russia. Many mosques in various cities in Russia are crowded with pilgrims who will perform congregational prayers. The main task of a Muslim man is to keep the prayers in time and congregation in the mosque. As explained by Prophet Muhammad SAW, that prayer is a pillar of religion and Muslim man is a role model for his family. Therefore, it is mandatory for Muslim men to pray in congregations in mosques. Like the Muslim priests in general, Russian Muslim women also run the Shari’a to keep their prayers in time and congregation in the mosque.

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Thus a brief explanation of the 6 facts of Muslims men in Russia. For those of you who embrace the belief of Islam and you are curious about the life of Islam especially Muslim men in Russia you should spend time to vacation there. If you have difficulties in communicating using russian language then you should follow the learning course of Ruisa language so that you can understand stuasi and condition there.

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