5 Best Cities to Visit for Russian Nightlife Party

Novosibirsk – Siberian NightRussia its probably the coldest place on earth after Antarctica, this place has a really long winter with subzero weather even in summer. Russian will have festivities to warm them up in breezy night, great food, music, and dancing is a common element for Russian nightlife.

A place is getting hotter when the air is colder. Russian nightlife is vibrant and lively, especially on its popular cities. As the sky gets dark, they step out to celebrate night and lights. Russian nightlife is all about vodka. beers, music and all at Soviet drinking hot spots!

Russian nightlife in some cities

And if you thought that the best Russian nightlife can only be found in St. Petersburg or Moscow, you need to widen your scope and consider a few more places where Russian way of life would make you feel home. Russian nightlife has a lot of faces and all offer various perks that will highlight your night in the city. Big city ends to be louder and alive there other smaller cities value smalls talk, great vodka and great company. The weathers also play the large part on the city nightlife, make sure to check out the weather report before heading out the door. These are the top 7 Russia places with an amazing nightlife that be sure to warm you on a cold day.

1. Moscow – Center Stage

Capital city tent to be associated as the center for everything great landmarks, famous places, and festivals. Nightlife in Moscow stretches from Classical theater and concert, art exhibitions and lively party until the sun comes up. The city never sleeps, and one thing for sure, Moscow youngster knows their party. When the sky turns dark and historical architectural are closed, the city magically transforms into party paradise fill with light and bliss, and youngster hit the secret clubs and pubs and dance all night long.

  • Nightlife hotspots include places like Garden ring circle, Circle Line of the Metro, Tsvetnoy Boulevard.
  • Night activities cafes, karaokes, rave party, watching art and culture activities. street dances and folksong.
  • Best nightclubs include namely Gogol Club, Night Flight, London, Icon, Forte Music Club, Krysha Mira, and Jean-Jacques.

Moscow is also the home of various Music festivals. These festivities offer great music, food, and activities during night long that lasted for days. Music festivals ranged from classical to techno serves a great variety of interest for party growers to choose their music for the night.

2. St. Petersburg – Classic Drinks

One of the best places to experience Russian nightlife is the vibrant city of Saint. Petersburg. The first city to introduce clubbing in the 90s roam the street with classical activities such as ballet, opera, classical music, and theaters showing hold all night long, but the city also offers a never-ending fun, nightlife.

Saint Petersburg drinks such as the local’s beer and iconic Russian vodka, is the highlight of the evening. Clubs, pubs, parties, is full of people dance and sipping their vodka and assorted cocktails. All of these places are centered in the city center, its the best place to be at night.

Saint Peterburg is also known for the student city and offer many students bar with affordable beers in a more easygoing atmosphere that allows people to chat more rather than dancing with loud music.

Island nearby also offers a great night include Vasileostrovsky and Petrogradsky island districts. If you lost track of time here, you can get trapped here late night when the bridges and metro are closed. The accommodation may stop at 1 am but the island has a lot to offers to keep you busy until morning.

  • Nightlife hotspots: Vasileostrovsky and Petrogradsky island districts, streets intersectins Nevskiy Prospekt, Rue Joukovski Street, Griboyedov Channel – left of the Channel.
  • Best nightclubs include Resident Bar, The Hat, Nebar, Cosmonaut Club, Fish Fabrique Nouvelle, Nightclub Skazka, Club Gagarin Jagger, Stackenschneider, Mozart Club

3. Sochi – Resort city

The coastal city looking towards the Black Sea rise into popularity since hosting Winter Olympics in 2014 and has been celebrating night lively. Sochi serves a different kind of Russian nightlife, with the best view of the famous sea. Series of not your typical Russian clubs with German to Irish- style right place.

  • Popular nightlife includes Mountain village region and Egorova St.
  • Best nightclubs include Bar Cocos, Bar London, Cho-Ko-Te, Old Boys Pub, Harat’s Pub, Delirium & Boroda, and Vosymoye Nebo, The Treugolnik

If you are feeling adventurous, Russian nightlife in the city of Sochi serves adult club which provides a more special kind of entertainment.

4. Kazan – Millenium Russia

Kazan shines bright with many light experience after the sunset. The city is the hub of Russia and multicultural influences. Spending the night in Kazan you will experience a more varied of nightlife. Kazan street when its get dark serves as a quieter full of hanging out in the city. People will walks in their parks, embarkment and the famous Millenium bridge. Many famous places in Kazan is decorated with light at night, makes is more beautiful to look at night.

Nevertheless, Kazan young modern lifestyle also provides nightclubs, pub, and cafes where younger generations can party. Venues in Kazan can vary from Russian clubs, Cuban and American bars, and Tartar music and food.

Best nightclubs include namely The Woods, Cuba Libre, What To Do!?, Apartment 63, Relab, Chinatown Café, and Luxor Club

5. Novosibirsk – Siberian Night

Russia nightlife runs differently in the Siberian Alps. Novosibirsk does its magic for all the nightlife seekers. An array of music clubs, dance clubs, pubs, and bars, and moreover strip clubs, you name it Novosibirsk has it. The hype of the city often compares to Saint Petersburg nightlife.

Nevertheless, Novosibirsk offers night best view of wonderful climate and lovely nature. This unofficial capital of Siberia holds many surprising amazing parties. Their iconic Siberian Vodka also can uplift any nightlife and the party started.

  • Best nightclubs to visit include Aruba, Rock City, Friend’s Cocktail Bar, Pub 501, and Ruby Wine Bar

These are some cities that hold very popular nightlife, their faces may be different where Moscow nightlife tend to be more glamour where Saint Petersburg offers a more relaxed vibe. Club hopping is quite famous in big cities that have many club and pubs close to each other. The best way to explore the city at night is to be situated at the center of the city.

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