5 Amazing facts about life in Siberia

Siberia is part of the country of russia. The region of siberia is located in the north of kazhakstan state. Siberia has a very large area that is from the volcano to the Pacific Ocean and from the artic ocean to the hills kazakhstan while the middle by the Mongolian and tiongko countries. According to the population center in russia, the density of Siberian population is only 3 souls per km. The largest city in the Siberian region is a novosibirsk with a population of 1.5 million. Where 70% of Siberian residents live in small urban apartment. In Siberia region there is the coldest city in the world that is oymyakon with temperature – 71,2 degree celcius. This article will cover about 5 Amazing facts about life in Siberia.

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5 Amazing facts about life in Siberia In addition to the temperature is very cold even extreme, the life of the population of Siberia is indeed a variety of uniqueness. Various cultures are there with various philosophies that have developed in Siberian society since the generations of their forefathers. Here are 5 Amazing facts about life in Siberia, as below.

  • The life of Siberian society

Siberian societies live in several family groups, in which one family contains hundreds of family members. In general, the family will consist of husband and wife, single children, children married with their wives and children. These Siberian children are considered “treasures” and are rarely punished. This condition is seen, when the Siberian children make mistakes, their parents never give a reprimand or punch.

In Siberia society, men are in charge of food hunting, controlling dog sleds, rowing boats, and building shelters. While the task of women as a wife the most important is to make family clothes, where the clothes should be warm and anti-cold. Siberian women also have to take care of the children, cook for their families, and sometimes even help with the duties of their husbands. Men and women in Siberia treat each other the same degree, Therefore, women in Siberia are not considered “second-class citizens.”

Siberian citizens have no laws, only rules of conduct. One of the important things of the rules:
(1) All Siberian societies must help each other in their survival;
(2) Every Siberian citizen must live in peace with others.

  • Clothes of siberian society

In general, Siberian clothing comes from animal skins known as caribou. This clothes is very thick so that users feel warm because the air temperature in Siberia is very cold. In addition to using caribou, the Siberian community will use seal skin, polar bears, or even an arctic fox. Almost every Siberian citizen wears the same combination of clothes, such as hooded jackets, trousers or leggings, socks, boots, and gloves, sometimes wearing wooden or bone glasses. In winter, the Siberian community always uses two sets of clothes. Where in the inner layer of the hair part inside (in direct contact with the skin). While in the second layer there are feathers as well so that the outside air does not enter too much into the body. In addition, the air between the two layers helps maintain body heat and allow the sweat to evaporate. For the summer, Siberian people wear only one layer of clothing.

  • House of Siberian society

Siberian society has a house made of ice with a half round shape and a door in the form of a cylinder. Siberian societies believe that by building such a house in order to shelter from cold air, as well as wild animals such as polar bears. Igloo building has a strong construction because it is made with ice that is not easily melted. The building of this house can only be made during winter, because during the summer the house will melt. Although the building of this house from ice, the temperature inside the house is quite warm and comfortable inhabited and not affected by temperature outside the house.

In the process of making this ice house, by preparing beam of a strong and sturdy blocks of beams then beams are arranged like a brick at the time to create a wall of the house. After the ice blocks are neatly arranged, the Siberian public will light a campfire with the intent to warm the body and to melt the inside of the iglo itself. Therefore, causing the ice to melt in the ice then the ice will be frozen back and stick together due to exposure to wind. Over time, this house becomes a crow and comfortable as a place to stay in winter.

  • Siberian society profession

Siberian society profession mostly breeds sheep, fishing. Namaun there are also hunting large animals such as polar bears. The hunting process is done using the help of dogs as well as traditional weaponry. The hunt is done in groups.

  • Funeral on ice

Since the majority of siberian regions are cold and there are many ice blocks, if there is a siberian society that dies then the majority will be buried under the ice sheet. Siberian societies that experience death must be wrapped in animal skins placed on tundra (frozen soil during winter) and surrounded by stone circles. Real also animals that lives in siberian tundra.

Thus a brief explanation of the 5 Amazing facts about life in Siberia. This article helps in understanding the diversity of cultures and traditions in russia especially in the region of siberia. Indeed, Siberia is far from modern civilization but we must understand the various cultures that exist in the world. After finding out about these fun facts, you might want to learn more about Russian history and read The History and Benefits of Russian Banya. And if you’re interested in coming to Russia yourself, it is useful to know the Best Time to Visit Russia and the Basic Russian Words for Beginners.

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