11 Restaurant To Find Most Authentic Russian Food In St.Petersburg

cococo restaurantThere are a lot of charms that Russia offers to the Tourist. This country has various cuisine and also beautiful cities. There are some cities that are popular among the foreign tourists such as Moscow and St.Petersburg. St.Petersburg is a City of Port on the Baltic Sea. Here, we can visit some signature place such as Hermitage museum, winter palace and many more.

Beside the interesting places we have to visits, there also some authentic Russian food you may want to try while you visit St.Petersburg. In this article we will discuss about Restaurant to find most authentic Russian food In St.Petersburg, There are:


Although almost all the Russian restaurants in St.Petersburg offers an authentic Russian food, but one of the most popular restaurant is a restaurant named COCOCO. This restaurant offers a stand out concept because the chef here take a modern approach to Russian Recipes and transform them into a new creation that still hold on the traditional taste and recipe. The interesting thing about this restaurant is that the menu on COCOCO are changing depends on the product availability just like the Russian household. It always changes because they use the local ingredients source. The foods in this restaurant also become most popular foods in ST.Petersburg during Ramadan since they also offer a halal dish.


This restaurant is also available in another city like Moscow, but still this restaurant offers an authentic Russian food. This restaurant was popular for its establishment by some famous artist back in 18th and 19th centuries. Even though Palkin was closes during the Soviet era, this restaurant never lose their popularity. Beside the cozy and comfortable place that makes us feel at home, this restaurant is also offers an ultimate Russian Traditional dish. It has almost all the most popular cuisine in St.Petersburg Russia.


Next restaurant on the list is a restaurant named Severyanin. This restaurant is also popular because the menu that was created by a celebrity chef named Aram Mnatsakanov. He is preserving the concept of northern Russian Cuisine in a fresher look that is suitable for the modern people.  This restaurant is also offer a cozy and romantic place that makes your trip more memorable. Even this restaurant is not serving the top low budget meals in St.Petersburg Russia; it’s not a loss if you come by Severyanin.


Russkaya Ryumochnaya is a 200 years old restaurant that first established with vodka and several of side dishes. This restaurant was popular as a bar in the old days. But nowadays, this restaurant has upgrading the service and menu level. Modern Ryumochnaya serves the authentic Russian foods. Because this restaurant is an “alcohol” server menu, and it has much type of Vodka, this restaurant was not serving the most popular foods in St.Petersburg during ramadan.


TSAR was title held by all rulers of unified Russia similar to a king. Based n the name, this Restaurant promise a royal treatment and also delivers a true atmosphere of an aristocrat’s dinner table. This restaurant serves extensive Russian menu features many delicacies and traditional dishes around the country. So if you want to get the most popular cuisine in ST.Petersburg Russia it will be a good choice to come by Tsar.


The sixth restaurant that we recommended is Russian Empire that is located in Nevsky Prospect, 17, Stroganov Palace, St Petersburg. This beautiful restaurant is set in a baroque surrounding of the stroganoff palace. What this restaurant serves is the most popular cuisine in St Petersburg Russia such as dumpling and caviar. It will be a memorable time if you come to this restaurant while you are in St Petersburg.


Next is the precious finest restaurant in St Petersburg that named Imperial Restaurant. This restaurant is also serves the most popular foods in St Petersburg during Ramadan such as borsch and beef Stroganoff. So, if you come to visit ST Petersburg in Russia you should come to this precious restaurant.


Mechta Molokhovets is a restaurant addressed in Radischeva Street, 10, St Petersburg. You will feel like eating at a traditional household in Russia. This restaurant was inspired by a famous household cookbook of Yelena Molokhovet’s. This restaurant serves most popular cuisine in St Petersburg Russia. Mechta Molokhovets serves almost all the traditional recipe of Russian Cuisine in an original way and also in more modern style. If you want to eat the original babushka, jut come to this restaurant and you will fill up your hunger.


This restaurant is serving fine dining fares that are suitable for you who love a luxurious thing. In this restaurant you can eat and enjoy the caviar dish although you still can order the traditional menu of Russian. If you curious about the al about caviar dish, you may come to this place. This Restaurant is located in Tverskaya Street, 12, St Petersburg Russia.


Checkhov is a pleasantly rustic restaurant addressed in Petropavlovskaya Street, 4, St Petersburg. You may enjoy a classic elegant dinner in this restaurant accompanying piano in the corner of the room. This restaurant mostly serves a traditional Russian Cuisine that is styled in a more modern way. You may enjoy a meal of hearty beef stroganoff and magret de canard in this restaurant.


The last restaurant on the list is a fancy restaurant called Gogol addressed in Malaya Moroskaya Street, 8 , St Petersburg. This restaurant serves almost all Russian cuisine also the dinning menu that influenced by European dish.

Those are 11 restaurants to find most authentic Russian food in St Petersburg. Actually there are still some other restaurant that can be considered when you visiting St Petersburg and you want to taste the most authentic Russian Foods in St Petersburg. thank you for reading this article, hopefully it can be useful for those of you who are in Russia, to be able to make a reference for you.

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