6 Hidden Facts of Russian Beauty Standards

russian beauty standardI’m sure that anyone would agree that Russian women are one of the most beautiful women in the world. There are many international model and actresses that come from Russia. And they have mentioned to be has such beauty standard that makes them looks flawless. But do you know that they also do such a strict diet, body and beauty care in order to keep their beauty?  There are some beauty standards that they have. And in this article we will discuss about the hidden facts of Russian Beauty Standard.

It just not about the using of make up or using the best local cosmetics brand from Russia, they prefer to maintain their beauty in a more natural way. There are some facts that you should know about the Russian beauty, such as:

1. Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is sure are the most important things in beauty standard not only Russian Beauty Standard but also the women around the world. But did you know that healthy skin in Russia means that your skin doesn’t need to as white or as bright as possible. But you sure should have a moist and glowing skin despite the color of your skin. You may have a tanned skin but you have to make sure to keep your skin is moist.

To keep those values of their skin, they usually use natural and organic cosmetics Made in Russia. They took a more natural and organic treatment that they can do themselves at home. And the most important thing that they try to reach while doing all those treatment is to get a shining, moist, tender and smooth skin instead of the white skin.

Most Russian use hot body wrap or doing banya Bath the traditional Russian sauna that has been believe in ages to maintain the Russian women skin. They usually use the herbs in the hot body wrap and banya. And Banya does become most favourable skin care in Russia for woman.

2. Long Shining Hair

Long hair has become one of the criteria of the beauty standard all over the world. Actually a beauty hair is not always look by the straight or wave, the length or the color; it can be considered beautiful hair if the hair has the shinning and healthy looks.  Russian itself has the standard of the hair. They love to have a long hair with shining vibe. It doesn’t matter whether their hair is wavy or straight. To get the healthy shining hair, the usually do a certain hair mask in a certain time. Even the best local cosmetics brand from Russia also produce the instant hair mask, but as always the Russian prefer the homemade hair mask.  They usually use herbs to make the hair mask. Also, the Russian women love to make homemade shampoo even the commercial shampoo also have a good ingredients in it. Russian usually uses the mixtures of herbs and mustard to keep their hair string and smooth.

3. Glow and moist face

As we know that the first impression is always about the face. For many women, having a light tone of face skin is the best thing. But for Russian, it is not about the color, it is about the condition of the skin itself. Russian usually does various treatments to maintain their glow, moist and smooth face skin. They usually use the nature give them such as the herbs, essential oil and fruit. For example, they use strawberry for face mask or use olive oil to keep the face moist. Not only use a natural and homemade face mask, but they also take some vitamin because they believe that beauty come from inside and outside the body.

4. Health Body

Other most important thing in beauty standard for Russian women is a healthy body.  Russian believes that healthy body will effected in the beauty. So, the Russian always maintain their body well.  Russian is known for many diet tricks. They mostly known for the Russian women are that they do fasting. They are not doing fasting in a purpose for religion, but for diet matter. They believes that fasting will help you intoxicate your inside body and make you become healthier. They usually do a fasting with a certain way. Most popular diet program is by using apple. They usually ate only apple in one day for some certain day to maintain their body.  There is also other thing in keep their body healthy, sports. They do sports in many ways, the most popular sports among the Russian women is Yoga. They say that yoga can help you maintain your body and mind. And beauty comes from healthy body and a healthy mind.  So, we can say that there is not important whether you use the best local cosmetics brand from Russia or not, because mind is the key of beauty.

5. Shining nail

They most little thing yet important in Russian beauty standard is the nail condition. Even it is not seen but still nail are holds an important role in the beauty score. A shinning and healthy nails will give you an extra score whenever someone looking at you.

The Russian women usually do a daily nail care at home instead of go to the salon to do some manicure and pedicure. Usually, essential oil such as linseed oil, olive oil or buckthorn is made in to a bath nails that will help you strengthen the nail and make the skin around more smooth. Russian also uses lemon to rub the nail for a few minutes to give them a shiny coating. so it is easy for them to make the nail look like it been done in salon.

6. Minimalist make up

Make up is things that can’t be separated from woman and beauty. But actually a less make up will do work for the skin and make us more beautiful. Russian prefers to take care of the skin instead of layering their skin in a thick make up.

Those are 6 hidden facts of Russian Beauty Standard You should know.

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