5 Differences Between Russian Transportation and Soviet Transportation

As we have seen, there are many changes in transportation that exist today. There are changes that are significant and some are only minor changes. Every country is certainly a phase of change in that transportation. Changes in transportation also bring pros and cons to the community. Usually, there are those who are not supportive […]

7 Most Favorite Type of Transportation Used in Russia

Around the world there are many types of transportation that are often used and become a favorite of the citizens. Selection of the type of transportation always adjusts to the needs of its users. You certainly have the type of favorite transportation from your country of origin, right? Do you have any plans to visit […]

8 Unbelievable Facts of Rail Transport in Russia

Are there any of you who like to travel by train? Whether it’s for daily activities or for a vacation. Traveling by train sometimes gives a special impression for someone who wants to relax while enjoying a trip. They can enjoy the scenery around during the trip. But, do you know about railroads in Russia? […]