8 Unbelievable Facts of Rail Transport in Russia

Are there any of you who like to travel by train? Whether it’s for daily activities or for a vacation.

Traveling by train sometimes gives a special impression for someone who wants to relax while enjoying a trip. They can enjoy the scenery around during the trip.

But, do you know about railroads in Russia? Did you know that there is an unbelievable fact about the railway transport in Russia?

If you don’t know it yet, let’s look at the unbelievable facts of rail transport in Russia.

Traveling by train is indeed the choice of most people when visiting a place. There are several countries or cities that will indeed be better if you go around by train. Included in Russia.

Russia is the largest country in the world. As the largest country, it is not easy to get around without knowing what type of transportation is suitable when visiting one city in Russia. Because in reality, there are still some areas that have not been able to be reached by all types of transportation in Russia at this time.

Now, in this article, I will discuss about 8 unbelievable facts of rail transport in Russia.

  • Russia Has the Longest Railroad Track in The World

Russia is the largest country in the world. Aside from being the largest country, it turns out that Russia also has the longest train line in the world. This train line is Trans-Siberian. Trans-Siberian is the direct train line in Russia which is the longest in the world.

Trans-Siberian is a train route from Moscow heading to Vladivostok. It takes up to several days to travel using Trans-Siberian. There are around 80 cities that are traversed by this longest path. In addition, this route also crosses 16 major rivers in Russia.

  • There Are Differences in Time Zones That Must Be Adjusted

If you travel using Trans-Siberian, that means you also have passed 8 different time zones in Russia. Something that must be adjusted and remembered by Trans-Siberian passengers is the train schedule using Moscow time. All schedules in that route refer to the time zone in Moscow.

Not only the Trans-Siberian route, but all train schedules, station hours and train hours are adjusted to the time zone in Moscow. While the route that led to Mongolia and China to adjust to local time. So, if you decide to use the train route in Russia, you have to consider this different time zone so you don’t miss your train.

  • Passengers Get A Free Ticket When They First Establish the Moscow – St Petersburg Railroad Connection

The construction of a railroad in Russia was first proposed in the mid-19th century. In the process of building the train, there was an unbelievable fact when a railway line between Moscow and St. Petersburg was established. In the first three days of the opening of the line, passengers will be able to travel by train for free.

Why passengers can enjoy free travel by train? Isn’t that a good opportunity? Yes, it is indeed a good opportunity. But not many people are brave enough to try transportation that is new and mysterious to them.

  • 8-Day Long Journey from Moscow To Vladivostok

The distance from Moscow to Vladivostok is indeed incredible. It reached 9288 kilometers. Can you imagine yourself if you have to drive with the distance along it … Very tiring, right? So, traveling from Moscow to Vladivostok by using rail transportation is indeed the right choice.

By using Trans-Siberian, non-stop travel from Moscow to Vladivostok takes approximately 8 days, 4 hours. You must prepare yourself physically to sit for a long time. Currently there is also a few trains with carriages equipped with a small bed. If you sleep on this bed, you have to bend your legs. I think it’s better…

  • Is the Railroad Rail Belonging to Russian Railways Able to Cover the Equator?

Because of the vast territory of Russia, of course the number of railroads in Russia is also very large so that train transportation can reach every corner of the city. In fact, as already known if Russia had the longest train route in the world. If all the railroad owned by Russian Railways, from end to end, it would be enough to cover the equator. Not only once, even twice. Isn’t that very impressive?

So, when there is a question, is the railroad rail belonging to Russian railways able to cover the equator? Then the answer is Yes, it is.

  • Traveling by Train in Russia Is Safer Than by Car

If you want to travel in Russia, it would be better if you choose to use rail transport. Seeing the road conditions in Russia make traveling by train much safer than using a private car or rental car. Using public transportation such as trains can reduce congestion on the highway. In addition, using public transportation will make you more comfortable during the trip and it is also environmentally friendly.

  • There Is the Coldest Part of The Trans-Siberian Railway

The length of the Trans-Siberian route in Russia apparently holds other facts that are also unbelievable. There is a point between Mogocha station and Skovorodino station which is the coldest part of this train. The temperature in this Trans-Siberian section can reach -62 degrees. You can imagine for yourself how cold you will feel. For those of you who are not from Russia, you can prepare yourself by carrying warm coat or other clothes that can warm your body through this station.

  • Rail Lines in Russia Include Three Train Routes

Rail lines in Russia include three train routes. The first route is Trans-Mongolia, the route that will travel from Moscow to Beijing. The second route is Trans-Manchuria, the route that will travel from Siberia to Beijing. The third route is the longest route, Trans-Siberian, the route that will travel from Moscow to Vladivostok.

I hope this article can really help you to find out the unbelievable facts of rail transport in Russia.

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