12 Stadium in Russia for World Cup 2018

Mostly everyone are talking the World Cup 2018 right now. Lots of people around the world come to Russia for supporting their favourite team and became the witness of the greatest football event in the world. The 12 stadiums were choosen for hosting the match and maybe you have personal pick which one is the best?

So what are you waiting for ? Here we go

1. Kaliningrad Stadium

Opening : 2018

Capacity : 35,212 seats

Surface   : Grass

Kaliningrad Stadium, the newcomers stadium in the city of Kaliningrad, is the home of FC Baltika, previously played at the modest Baltika stadium . This stadium faces the Baltic Sea and is bordered by Lithuania and Poland. Kaliningrad Is the most westernmost destination of the tournament and one of 12 stadium in Russia for world cup 2018. This stadium is scheduled to host matches in group B,D,E,and G, including the clash between England and Belgium.

To reach the venue, you can take the bus or you just need to walk for 20 minutes from Konigsberg Cathedral, one of the Kaliningrad’s landmark. Also you can use the train from Kaliningrad’s main railway station and it just take about 2 kilometres from the stadium.

2. Ekaterinburg Stadium

Opening : 1957

Capacity : 35,000 seats

Surface   : Grass

Unlike Kaliningrad stadium, this stadium is the easternmost destination at Russia. Ekaterinburg located In the centre of Ekaterinburg –  the capital of the region.  As one of the 12 stadium in Russia for World Cup 2018, it takes a lot of renovation during 2014 to 2017. This venue is the home of the FC Ural Yekaterinburg. This stadium is scheduled to host matches in Group A, C, F, and H.

3. Kazan Arena

Opening : 2013

Capacity : 45,000 seats

Surface : Grass

The progress for built this Arena was very fast which is just need about 3 years to finished.

This Arena is the home of the FC Rubin Kazan and its located about 500 miles from east Moscow. This venue is very unique. As you can see, they have reflective panels on the side of the stadium which are the LED Facades- largest outdoor screen in Europe. This arena is scheduled to host four group games, a Round 16 match, and a quarter final.

4. Otkritie (Spartak) Stadium

Opening  : 2014

Capacity  : 45,360 seats

Surface  : Grass

The Otkritie – also known as Spartak Stadium is the second venue in Moscow  and plays host to all Russian National team. This Spartak Is a multi-purpose stadium and used mostly for football matches. The stadium is the home of the most popular football club in Russia, FC Spartak Moscow. Spartak’s appearance is one of the most beautiful stadium in Russia. The facades takes from of chain mail consisting hundreds of little diamonds representing the Spartak logo. The façade can be changed depending on which team is playing. If the home team plays, the arena is bathed in red and white, but it will switches to the colours of the Russian flag is the national team is playing. This arena is scheduled to host four group stage and one knockout round matches.

5. Nizhny Novgorod

Opening : 2018

Capacity :45,000 seats

Surface  : Grass

As one of the 12 Stadium in Russia for World Cup 2018, the Nizhny Novgorod was built specifically for this tournament. The arena is located about 420 miles west of Moscow. This area offers a spectacular view of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. As the new stadium, the arena is the home of FC Olympiets Nizhny Novgorod. It plays host to the following matches : Sweden vs. South Korea on June 18, Argentina vs. Croatia on June 21, England vs. Panama on June 24, a round of 16 match on July 1, and a quarterfinal match on July 6.

6. Rostov Arena

Opening : 2014

Capacity : 45,000 seats

Surface   : Grass

The arena is located on the left bank on the Don River, 350 miles north of Sochi. Rostov Arena will attracts locals and visitors to Rostov-on-Don as one of the host city in Russia. Rostov Arena is the home of FS Rostov, the 2014 Russian cup winners. The Rostov stadium is scheduled to host Brazil vs. Switzerland on June 17, Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia on June 20, South Korea vs. Mexico on June 23, Iceland vs. Croatia on June 26, and a round of 16 match on July 2.

7. Cosmos Arena ( Samara Arena)

Opening : 2018

Capacity : 45,000 seats

Surface  : Grass

This is the home of the FC Krylia Sovetov Samara, club that has made numbers of appearances in Europe’s club competitions. This arena is located in the sixth-largest city in Russia. The stadium is surrounded by a residential development and a very good quality infrastructure. Just like the name, the Samara – or well known as the Cosmos arena’s design concept is dominated by the theme of the space.

8. Mordovia Stadium

Opening  : 2018

Capacity  : 45,000 seats

Surface    : Grass

Take a look at this stadium first. You will notice that this stadium looks similar to South Africa’s Soccer City Stadium. Yes you’re right, this stadium was modelled after South African Stadium. Ther Mordovia is located located to the centre of the city. The stadium is the home of FC Mordovia.

9. Volgograd Arena

Opening : 2018

Capacity : 45,000 seats

Surface   : Grass

The home of the FC Rotor Volgograd, one of the top three in Russian Championship at the previous year. The stadium is located at the industrial city of Volgograd – 600 miles southeast of Moscow. It replaces the previous stadium-the Central Stadium which was demolished in 2014. The stadium plays host four group stages games.

10. Fisht Olympic Stadium

Opening  : 2013

Capacity  : 41,000 seats

Surface    : Grass

The stadium which owned by the government. The stadium will host four group stage and two knockout matches. Fisht Olympic stadium is located in Sochi – known for hosting the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, is a resort city in souteastern Russia. This stadium has been reconstructed for 2018 FIFA World Cup and re-opened in 2017. The Fisht stadium was originally named from the Mount Fisht. In the local language, Adygeyan , “fisht” means “white head”. The arena around Fisht is resembling a snow-capped mountain peak.

11. Saint Petersburg Stadium

Opening  : 2017

Capacity  : 100,000 seats

Surface    : Grass

The Saint Petersburg stadium, otherwise known as Krestovky Stadium were previously hosted the Confederations Cup final between Germany and Chile. It is the home of Zenit Saint Peterburg, the most successful club in Russia. This stadium well known for its retracable roof. The stadium is one of the super – modern landmark and located on Krestovsky Island. Saint Petersburg was one of the largest stadum- up with the capacity over 100,000 seats. A Japanesse architect Kisho Kurosawa was the man behind the architecture of this stadium. This stadium host knockout group stage, third place match, and the semifinal match on July 10

12. Luzhniki Stadium

Opening  : 1956

Capacity  : 81,000 seats

Surface    : Grass

The biggest stadium in Russia. Located in Moscow , it represents the pride of the Russian as this stadium will host the final match of the FIFA World Cup 2018. The stadium was originally built to host the Summer Spartakiad in 1956, since then, Luzhniki hosted multi major of sports and cultural events. This stadium is home by the Russian National team and various football club, including Spartak Moscow, CSKA, and Torpedo clubs. You have to visit this memorable stadium since this stadium previously held UEFA Champions League final in 2008, were Manchester United beated Chelsea in the dramatic penalty shoot-out .

So thats all the 12 stadium in Russia forworld cup 2018. Enjoy!

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