10 Luxurious Shopping Mall in Russia to spend your money

tsum moscowRussia has endless shopping choices for every shopping lover. In Moscow alone, there are a lot of famous shopping outlets. Markets and souvenir shops also plenty. They can be found anywhere in every part of the country.

But what about shopping malls. Everyone loves shopping Mall. They are a one-stop destination for shopping. It’s where you can not only shopping but also dining and maybe watch some movies. Shopping Malls is also indoor, it’s perfect for a country like Russia where it can be cold in winter.

Of course, there are plenty of shopping malls in Russia. But 10 Luxurious Shopping Mall in Russia we wrote here are not only shopping malls. They are luxurious shopping malls! It is where many branded products are sold. Who doesn’t love branded products? For budget travelers, no need to worry, there’s plenty of budget shopping too here.

So enjoy these 10 Luxurious Shopping Mall in Russia where you can spend your money. Whether in clothes, electronics, or watches. Don’t forget to try the restaurants inside the malls too. Each Shopping malls here have distinct characteristic and also they provide helpful facilities. Enjoy!

1. GUM Department Store

GUM is probably the number one shopping mall you should visit in Russia. It is located just across the popular red square in Moscow. It’s one of the popular sights in Moscow, Russia. This building history is dated back since long time ago during the tsar era. It was originally a trading center.

Now GUM is an enormous shopping mall hosting all kind of brands imaginable. It is also a unique place when you can enjoy classic Russian ice cream “maroznaja”. But there’s a long queue for this ice cream, so you have to wait a bit to enjoy this classic Russian delicacy.

2. TsUM

The official website of TsUM stated that they have been a symbol of fashion for more than 110 years! This is probably right, this 70000 squares meter offers many luxurious brands. It’s one of the biggest Mall in Eastern Europe. is located in the capital of Russia, Moscow.

Check out the list of the brands: Valentino, Gucci, Rolex, Alexander McQueen. There are also plenty others that will not be enough to be listed here. Luxury shoppers will sure have lots of fun when shopping at TsuM.

Another good news, this department store claims to be very tourist friendly. They are ready to help with their English and Chinese speaking personnel. Now it’s also Tax-free to shop here. There’s also a personal shopping service, with stylists and buyers, to help visitors shopping. What more do you need?

3. Galeria Shopping Mall

Galeria Shopping Mall St Petersburg looks like a historical building more than a shopping mall. It is understandable, the brown concrete wall seems like it blends really well with the architecture surroundings. The mall itself located in the intersection of the two busiest roads of St Petersburg. Those streets are Nevsky Prospect and Ligovsky Prospect. This mall is another reason why you should visit St. Petersburg!

Galleria is where you can find mainly daily street brands. H&M and Zara are among those mass market brands who opened the stores here. But luxury shoppers no need to be disappointed though, as many high-end brands also provided here. Those brands, for example, are Armani, Hugo Boss, and Michael Kors.

4. Au Pont Rouge

St Petersburg’s Au Pont Rouge is a unique shopping mall in its own. It’s one of the oldest shopping malls in Russia. Dated back since the beginning of the 20century, the building was once a luxurious shopping destination in Russia. It’s where the wife of the tsar shops, and so are other nobility.

If it was a luxury shopping center back then, it continues to be so until this day. As you enter the department store, you’ll feel how “royal” it is the department store. It hosts many luxury brands, local and international. It has art nouveau ambiance and has a beautiful view over the Krasny most (Red Bridge) and canals nearby.


The first thing you notice about this shopping mall in Moscow is how modern it is. Unlike many other malls in Russia who looks like a historical building, Metropolis walls are mainly dominated by glass. The building is new, that’s why it looks futuristic and pleasant to look at. It’s close to Baltiyskaya Metro Station, so it’s easy to reach from any points of Moscow. The malls have 350 stores, a 4DX cinema, restaurants and many more.

6. Gorbushkin Dvor

Gorbuskhin Dvor is where you go shopping for electronics. Maybe you need to buy a phone or a laptop when you’re in Russia. Or maybe you need other kinds of electronics. Regardless, this place is the best option for that. Big electronics brand like Samsung and Sony also have stores here.

7. Aviapark

Aviapark is another modern shopping Mall in Moscow. Apart from hundreds of stores, you can spend your money in, this mall is also unique for several things. Aviapark has the biggest cinema in all of Russia. This cinema operates 17 screens, that’s a huge number. Another interesting fact, this mall has a cylindric aquarium. The aquarium is 22 meters high and also entered the Guinness Book record as the tallest aquarium in the world!

8. Gallery Krasnodar

Gallery Krasnodar is located in the city of Krasnodar, Russia. The city itself is located on The Kuban River. It’s the economic center of South Russia and a popular commercial center. Luxurious shoppers will have lots of fun here to satisfy their shopping hobby.

Gallery Krasnodar is an actual gallery. Yes, you can visit the gallery after shopping. The gallery is located on the third floor. Foodcourts is on the second floor for everyone who’s hungry.


It’s another shopping Mall in Moscow! It’s a beautiful shopping mall with beautifully rounded atrium and a glass roof. Brands that have stores here are Banana Republic, GAP, Samsung, Adidas, and many others. This is also among 10 luxurious shopping malls in Russia.

10. Nevskiy Tsentr

Nevskiy Tsentr Shopping Mall is located in the center of St. Petersburg. It’s situated in the intersection of two historical and popular St. Petersburg streets, Nevsky prospect, and Vosstaniya street. It’s easy to get there since it’s only in front of Moscovsky Railway Station. It is also easy to be reached by metro stations, only a walking distance.

The mall has more than 100 retail shops, selling all kind of things. It has three level underground parking, enough to hosts hundreds of vehicles. Besides shops, there are also spa centers, beauty salons, and fitness centers. Food-court is also available, eat some recommended food that you should try in St. Petersburg.

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