8 Online Shopping Websites in Russia

online shopping in RussiaYou can do clever shopping in Russia. It has a complete collection to choose from clothing to souvenirs. You can buy the famous Russia vodka or a winter coat by clicking their online shopping website. Moreover, shopping is easier and more comfortable. If you don’t know where to shop in Russia, the internet serves info by browsing Russian online shopping websites.

It provides info, prices, and even discounts to check out before you hit the shopping malls. Russia has a very huge number of malls in big cities such as Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Therefore, They are the heaven for shopping.

Research by e-commerce marketer suggest growth in online shopping, this also happens in Russia. People will look out for brands online site, before going to their retail stores. Whether you into affordable stores or branded outlet, their online site gives clear idea for prices to compare.

The average Russian spends 60% of purchase decisions based on online shopping. These sites provide info, sales, and discount which are important to do clever shopping in Russia. Russia has 4 seasons, and when the seasons change, so does their clothing collections. During this time sale and discount often happen. People will look for this info from the online shopping website.

Russian online shopping website

Shopping marketplace serves as a great way to enter the Russian market.  Major brands find it easy to supply their product feed to the market that already has a lot of traffic for Russian shoppers. Users are familiar major brands but also they learn to trust them for buying products on some of Russia’s top shopping websites.  The following breakdown outlines the top online shopping website in Russia.

  • AliExpress

Alibaba is a big Chinese company that operates businesses in a number of e-commerce fields, but they are best known for their online retail sites.  In Russia, Aliexpress’s online store of the most popular shopping site in the country.  The website is organized like most online shopping website, with sidebars of product categories and a front page of popular sales.  Clothing and accessories are very popular on AliExpress, though the site sells thousands of products in various categories as well.  There are more than over 4.4 million searches of “AliExpress” monthly, and the site’s growing popularity each day.

It is not a Russian online shopping website, however, Russian find it very complete as a source of shopping. Plus, many Russian suppliers gain much benefit by joining the marketplace. It is a win solution for everyone.

  • Yandex.Market

This preeminent web services firm in Russia also has a popular e-commerce portal.  Yandex operates as the second most popular retail site in the country.  The site offers online shopping interface from products into popular categories that cover Russian best selling items, like consumer electronics, computers, household appliances, home and garden, and more.  Consumers can buy products on Yandex.Market or compare prices among a number of partner sites available.  The marketplace also enables customers to shop using the Yandex.Market Android and iOS apps.

  • Ozon

The less familiar online shopping website to non-Russian web users is a trailblazer for Russian e-commerce.  The site was the first retail sites in Russia and continues to dominate the industry. It claims to have more than 51 percent account in the regions of Russia, therefore this site is worth to look into. The site gives the best info for Russian items for luxurious items and affordable ones.

  • Wild Berries

This site specializes in offering apparel items ranging from clothes, shoes, accessories, lingerie, and swimwear for women and men. The online shopping website also provides collection for kids – both boys and girls. It is an option compare to trolling numerous factory outlet in Russia. You can choose clothes and mix-match them before deciding on your purchase. The wide range collection of shoes and accessories, complete the overall look.

  • Lamoda

This exclusive online shopping website is a great place to check out International branded clothing from major brands across the world. The site covers more than 500,000 products in its portfolio. The outlet such as Buffalo London, Nike, and Wrangler are some of the major brands available in the site. It provides premium brands option for more luxury shopping sprees.

  • Wikimart

If you are shopping in a low budget, this is a site to browse. It has many little items at an affordable price. It also gives great service, you can have your money back if the items don’t meet your satisfaction. You can buy from over 2 million products that are available. It provides product from electronics, clothing, and household appliances.

  • KupiVIP

Another site that offers products related to fashion. It claims to provide up to 10,000 new products every day. This shopping site provides a lot of info on discounts of up to 90%. They serve a wide variety of products, over than 1500 brands on this store. If you are a fashionista this is a great site to look into.

  • Groupon Russia

This is a Russian version of Groupon. You can really do smart shopping and stretch your money here. Groupon Russia allows users to shop for daily discounts and group buying discounts on various categories. It has coupons for shopping, travel, and dining out. Moreover, each deal is offered with information about the savings made.

There you have it. Some of the best online shopping website for Russian shoppers and even foreign ones. The market is relatively stable and quite similar to Western trends. Consumer electronics is the most popular category and the second is apparel items. Russians have row the ability at searching out the best deal. Hence why shopping comparison has become the third most popular use for online shopping websites.  The growing popularity of online shopping helps to explain the interest in computer products.

Despite being one of the newest sectors in Europe, the Russian online shopping market has become one of the fastest growing in recent times. There has been an estimate of up to $ 10 billion of business is being offered to the economy by the online retail market in Russia. It is the best way to start shopping in this country.

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