13 Most Used Shopping Website of People in Russia

online shoppingShopping website usage is more common than ever, nowadays you can browse many websites to shop easily. Not only because of the rise of shopping websites, but also for its versatility. It provides great info and a place to test new products on a new market to increase sales. The growing internet user, easy connection, and affordable electronic price support the growth of shopping website usage.

You can shop like Russian

If you are visitors traveling to Russia and want to do clever shopping there, it is always nice to shop like the locals. The locals know what is trendy, the best shopping spot and the average prices. And Russian people now use more internet to buy things. They frequently go to online shopping website to do their window shopping and make the best of the site. You can get a discount, sale, and info that gives huge benefits for any shopping mania.

Most used shopping website

Russia stretches a total of eleven time zones, make you feel the need of having choices when it comes to shopping preferences. Besides that, there are many things in Russia worth to buy. Online shopping can give the best options of best online shopping sites Russia. Worried about where can you get a top list of online shopping site in Russia?  We’ve compiled a list of best Russian shopping website for of all your requirements, ranging from small to big here.

1. Ulmart.ru

The leading site that rank number 1 for Russian shopping website sells virtually everything. You can find categories ranging from electronic devices to home appliances, to books and music. In addition, data calculated the site generate a stable revenue and huge popularity among Russian youngsters. Therefore, visiting this site is a must if you want to shop like a true Russian.

2. Avito.ru

The Russian version of Craigslist. it is the biggest funding rounds from local private to Internationals brands. In additions, Avito supports small and medium-sized businesses using services to catering for individuals.

Avito.ru provides online stores on the website, while individuals list their items for free. It is the largest classified website in Russia with more than 30 million users.  Monthly, there are more than a third of all Russia’s internet users visiting the site and more than 6 million new items are added per month.


Russian Top designer shopping website is a big hit. The label from the twin sisters Marina and Irina Golomazdina is growing and constantly expanding its range of clothes. Therefore, their site is the go-to for fashion with an increasing number of its fans. Moreover, 12STOREEZ does not create a seasonal collection but introduces new items monthly.

4. TIU

This online shopping website offers various goods and services. They provide raw materials, utilities, equipment, and machinery for businesses.  Your daily need services like car rental and leasing. This is not a typical popular site for everyone, however, Russian do browse these live-saving site.

5. Sotmarket

Russian love electronics and search for the latest gadget continuously. Therefore they frequently visit this site. It offers mobile phones, computers, and laptops. The main products available at this online store also has several accessories for these products as well. Gaming consoles also a big category that receives tons of search and high in demand.

6. DNS Shop

Another electronics site that Russian people go to for comparing specs and prices. This online store has a catalog of items from different categories. Includes computer and accessories, laptops, mobile phones, gaming consoles, audio systems, and network equipment. Moreover, each item comes with reviews, ratings, and a detailed description. It is a great site for buying in the budget or for those detailed buyers.

7. Svyaznoy

Russia phone handset retailer creates shopping website as a new business division. They see the need for developing a business through different channels. This online shopping website specializes in offering consumer electronics in various categories. Their products include mobile phones, cameras, and tablet PCs are the main products sold on this site.

8. Citilink

This site specializes in offering electronic goods belonging to various categories like computers, computer components, computer peripherals, office equipment, mobile phones, cameras, and televisions. The most popular item is listed in the ‘item of the day’.

9. Mvideo

The highlight of this shopping website is expert recommendations. It runs a catalogue for electronic goods and home appliances. Moreover, Mvideo also offers several promotions and discounts on its products on a regular basis.

10. Biglion

If you are looking to save up on shopping this site provides discount coupons on various products. It is a huge hit among the locals to visit the site and take full advantage on their discount coupons on the basis of the major cities like Moscow. It covers services, travel, clothing, and accessories are some of the different categories of products for which coupons are available.

11. Molotok

This complete site serves as a shopping site, classified ads, a multi categories shopping site. It specializes in providing a plethora of electronic products, antiques, fashion, music, cars, and real estate. Visitors can also see best deals on each product are offered in a special section.

12. Lamoda

It serves as an exclusively branded clothing from major brands across the world. The site claims to have more than 500,000 products in its categories. It focuses on premium brands and most Russian would view this site for more high-end sales. Russian will go here before visiting any luxurious malls for high-end products.

13. eBay Russia

Russia online site also has a division of eBay features. Russian are able to buy products from worldwide sellers, while the safety of the transactions is offered through PayPal. The list of products is endless and very, from Jewelry, collections, sports, fashion, and home decor are some of the categories of items available.

The power of digital shopping website can help amazingly once you utilize its potential and uses in regular life. Shopping online can save time, energy and enjoy the leisure of getting all things delivered at your home. Whether you have a low budget or not, there is something in Russia to bring home.

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