8 Best Street Markets in St.Petersburg – Russia

Shopping at street markets in St. Petersburg requires more than a good pair of eyes for the good items. You have to know how to get around the market and speak Russian with the vendors. There’s high chance that the seller won’t know basic English unlike at big shopping malls. If you’re a shopping addict, challenge yourself to shop at one of 10 best street markets in St.Petersburg – Russia.

There are also other challenges. Prices in traditional markets are not fixed. This requires visitors to both have the ability and bravery to haggle. Are you brave enough to haggle with that old lady over a price of fish? Learn some useful Russian words such as Russian numbers before you do. It’s actually easy to learn.

On the other hand, shopping in local markets will give you an authentic experience of Russia. Shopping in local markets will give you insight on how people in Russia carry their day to day life. It is to live like a local and to experience Russians’ quirk. So are you up for the challenge? Your Russian language ability will be tested to the max.

Here we will write 8 best street markets in St.Petersburg – Russia beside some more luxurious alternatives. There is basic information about what you will expect when visiting the market. Like many markets in the world, they sell basic necessities such as food, produce, agriculture product, fish and meat. But some also sell unique item typical in Russia such as fur.

1. Sennoy Market

Sennoy Market is one of the oldest markets in St. Petersburg, Russia. Not only that, but this is also one of the cheapest markets. Prices here are far cheaper than in supermarkets and other street markets. Produces such as fruit and vegetable can be found here, along with plenty of choices for food. This market will avoid you from getting hungry and your wallet from getting empty.

Facts about Senoy market, if you’re a fan of Russian Literature, you’ll notice that this market is mentioned in famous Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment”. Also, if you’re suspicious about vendors cheering with weight, you can bring your own scale, as many Russians do. Another fact, you can buy a whole animal, or you can buy a cow’s head.

2. Sytny Market

Even older than Sennoy Market, Sytny Market was founded in 1710. This market is the oldest market in St. Petersburg. The large market sells fresh agricultural products, meat, fish, dairy and sundries. The prices vary from vendors to vendors as well the quality, but you can still find good quality stuff too. The market is large, it spreads out to the street surrounding so you don’t need to worry about choices. This place is clearly among 8 best street markets in St.Petersburg – Russia.

3. Polyustrovskiy Market

Polyustrovskiy Market in St. Petersburg, is where Russians by their groceries every day. Food from vegetables, meats, preserves, fruits, and fish can be bought here. Like any typical market, the price is also cheap. Apart from basic groceries, this market also sells fishing equipment and hunting equipment. It’s a perfect place for someone who likes fishing to find baits or fishing poles.

At weekend, Polyustrovsky Market has bird market. From the name, it sounds like they are only selling birds. In fact, it’s a pet market. This is where visitors encounter all kind of animals being sold in cages and aquarium. Common such as cat and dogs to a little bit uncommon such as snakes and lizards are on display for customers to choose. It is not exactly a pretty sight since many of the animals are treated poorly. It is not a good idea for animal lovers to go here.

4. Udelnaya Flea Market

Udelnaya Flea Market open only at Saturday every week. This flea market is where you can find many interesting items, old and new. There are plenty of Russian household items on sale, from dishware such teacup and porcelain to furniture. Bargaining is a must since there are no fixed prices.

Even if you’re not buying anything, Udelnaya Flea Market is also fun for just sightseeing. Explore every peculiar trinket and guess what’s the story behind each of the items. It’s like walking in a museum. Old records and paintings from the Soviet era, are plenty for vintage art hunters. You’ll end up buying something anyway, it’s hard to resist.

5. Maltsevsky Market

Maltsevsky Market opened in 1960, so it’s not historic. It built as a two-story building and looks more like a supermarket than a street market. But this indoor setting perfect for shopping in all kind of weather. The market provides ranges of food produces such as vegetables, fruits, and meat.

6. Torzhkovsky Market

Only locals know about Torzhkovsky Market, and it is largely unknown by visitors. But Torzhkovsky Market is actually one of the largest markets in St. Petersburg. Over 300 vendors have stalls here, offering ranges of agricultural products, mostly from local farmers. Meat also one of the best selling products here. Vendors don’t have to freeze them because they sell fast anyway. This is truly the best place to get your fresh meat product.

The market is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm. Other types of food you can buy here are dairy products, many even in its raw form and unprocessed. Sea produce is also available by local fishermen, fresh and some are still alive. Mushroom and berries are also available when in season.

7. Vasileostrovsky Market

More than the good being sold here, the market is more popular for its annual fairs during Christmas. There are also competitions to participate on the festive season. The building is old and was called Andreevsky Market before known as Vasileostrovsky Market. It occupies the 19th-century building close to the historical Vasilevsky Island.

8. Kuznechny Market

Kuznechny Market can easily be one of the 8 best street markets in St.Petersburg – Russia. The market is spacious and clean. It is located in a classic building constructed in the 1920s. The price here is considerably higher than in other markets, even though you still can do some bargaining.

But no worries, it can be guaranteed that the quality of the product match with the price. In fact, the market supplies many top restaurants in St. Petersburg. This market has the best reputation and one of the best you can find in the city. It is located in the city center as well, making it easy to reach.

Now you know what to expect when you decide to wander in St. Petersburg markets. Now go and explore authentic Russian atmosphere at these market. Get away from the touristy area and start shopping cheap and good quality products! If you have no clue what to buy, consider these best selling items.

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