Syrniki; Another Version of Russian Pancake

Since pre-Christian era, pancake has become a favorite meal option because it is so easy to make and very satisfying. Without coordinating between one another, people from various regions race to make the best kind of pancake with ingredients that are available around their place of residence. Once, Buzzfeed even managed to compile a list […]

Taste the Soviet pleasure with Polyot Cake here

This Soviet guilty pleasure of Polyot Cake is among the most famous Mouthwatering Cake That You Can Only Find In Russia. This classic cake has layers of an ingredient with a ton of sweet measures that can is definitely not a healthy choice. There is also other cake popular in Russia, that is known as Polyot […]

8 Best Snacks Made Only in Russia You Shouldn’t Miss

Snack time. Who loves snack time? Well, perhaps everyone would raise their hand when it comes to snack. This food we eat between meal and another meal is something that excite us every time. Perhaps it’s made by usual ingredients, made simple and quick, but somehow there’s something different. When we eat snack, we might […]