How Cool Is Alfa Music in Russia?

You might have heard of the hype of the electronic dance music in Russia and how alive the nightlives in Saint Petersburg and Moscow are. You can easily find good pubs and night clubs in these two largest cities in Russia as well as reasons to go there during big festivals like The White Nights. The best way to see how much space the country has for this genre of music is definitely through the Alfa Future People Festival, the biggest electronic music festival where all the best DJs gather to perform for thousands of EDM lovers not only from Russia but also around the world.

The trend of EDM in the music industry is getting stronger these days together with the new inventions of technology. It is considered to be the music of the future or music for the millennials. Some names that have been up and circling the EDM universe internationally are Avicii, Daft Punk, Tiësto, Skrillex, Martin Garrix, Deadmau5, Zedd, Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia, and Hardwell. Among those ten names, there’s one Russian DJ; Zedd. But how cool is actually this alfa music or EDM in Russia? Let’s find out.

The Dance Music Scene in Russia

Electronic dance music is also known as dance music or club music. The root of this genre is the 80’s disco that then took steps to become house music, techno, acid house, rave, dubstep, and all types of current electronic music known today. Russia is known to have a huge community of Trance and techno music lovers. They are mostly night club goers who are so into music the scene in Russia can get quite emotional. But a few years ago, this view was actually not possible to happen.

Until 2015, other than the Alfa Future People Festival, Russia still had the Outline Festival that brought out the same theme; electronic music. But in 2016, the festival was cancelled by the authorities saying that the organizer of the event failed to provide the needed license to carry on with the festival. But it was strongly believed that the scale of the event and how it succeeded to attract a lot of non-Russians to come to the festival were the real reasons why the authorities shut it down. The following year, another dance music event was raided and forced to stop. These were only a few of many proofs that showed how several years ago Russia was not really opening their doors to clubbers. The government believed that parties, night clubs, and hedonist events were demoralizing the country. But today, the new generation of the EDM has strongly proven that their music is more than just parties but also creativity and introduction to a better technology the country needs to know. Slowly, the youth move forward and leaving behind the Soviet past.

Russian Best DJs

The electronic music and club scenes in Russia are now considered healthy and are working as incubators for amazing talents. These five best DJs from Russia are already internationally acknowledged and contributing a lot to the growth of EDM in the country.


Born in Saratov, Russia, Zedd is ranked at number twenty nine in the world’s electronic music poll. He is also considered as a crossed artist between club star and a pop idol which makes his fame shoots up even more. Zedd’s collaboration with Alessia Cara won the award for Best Dance Track at the 2017’s MTV’s Video Music Award.


She is the most popular and unique female DJ from Russia who plays a lot of raw techno sound that dominates underground dance scene worldwide. Coming from Siberia, Nina Kraviz offers distinctive sounds that people would instantly recognize as hers.


This Russian trio started their career in the electronic music industry in 1998 and have been going strong ever since. Influenced by Daft Punk, The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers, they make mostly 80’s techno but are very much popular in the EDM stage too. One of their songs was featured on the Fast & Furious 6 soundtrack.


Born as Artem Stoliarov, Arty is one of the most successful Russian musicians popular internationally. He mixes alternative cuts with his eclectic DJ sets and has worked with big names like Skrillex and Above & Beyond.


Russia has a huge trance music scene and that’s what Bobina plays. He’s big and loved not only in Russia but also whole world. Bobina has released seven albums and been hosting a radio show named “Russia Goes Clubbing”.

Popular Dance Clubs in Russia

When people visit Russia, they love to try out the country’s nightlife by going to the dance clubs. Russia is known to have the most unique dance and electronic music scenes because they tend to be exclusive and not easily get influenced by the world’s trend. If you want to feel the hype, these clubs will show you the fact:

1. КПД, ST. PETERSBURG – Opened in June 2018, this club is located in a port-side industrial building built in 1879. It offers intense and raw atmosphere each time with crowds surrounding the DJs.

2. PROPAGANDA, MOSCOW – The club has been around since 1997 and experienced the time when clubs got shut down. But Propaganda has proven that it stands the strong ground and keeps going until today. Propaganda has weekly party schedule and resident DJs.

3. MOSAIQUE, ST. PETERSBURG – Located in the heart of the city, Mosaique is a cross between old and new vibe with light plays and tunnel effect in the building. The club also features international DJs on special occasions.

4. GIPSY, MOSCOW – Located at the split of the Moskva River, Gipsy resides an institutional building with a roof that can be retracted for summer parties. Definitely a club to try when you visit Russia.

5. AGLOMERAT, MOSCOW – It is a large club with warehouse style and 1000 people capacity. It offers a different party and dance experience through a large stage and laser shows.

In short, alfa music or EDM scene in Russia is huge and extra cool. As crazy as it may sound, some people visit the country sometimes only to party at the clubs.

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