Foreigner’s Guide to St. Petersburg Nightlife

St. Petersburg is one of those cities that are worth to be explored not only during the day, but also at night. It is believed that Peter Day and Peter Night look completely different, so once in this city, be sure to set aside at least one night for a completely different acquaintance with it. […]

Why St. Petersburg is listed as the 4th Best Party City in The World?

The rating of the best cities for parties was made by the portal of Lonely Planet. When compiling the list, the number of clubs, bars, night clubs in the cities, the price of a pint of beer, and the cost of renting a house for a short time were taken into account. For the tenth […]

6 Various Reasons Why You Should Visit St. Petersburg

1. Why Go St. Petersburg? St Petersburg is beautiful, complex, and the ultimate Russian prima donna. This city has a history of 300 years. From an uninhibited swamp, this place has been nurtured and revamped. It also survived its own history and natures’ elements that it reach a metropolitan city today. St Petersburg are attractive […]