Why St. Petersburg is listed as the 4th Best Party City in The World?

The rating of the best cities for parties was made by the portal of Lonely Planet. When compiling the list, the number of clubs, bars, night clubs in the cities, the price of a pint of beer, and the cost of renting a house for a short time were taken into account.

For the tenth time in a row, the first place of the rank was taken by the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. The second place taken by the Mexican city of Playa del Carmen, third place by Singapore, and Russian St. Petersburg took the fourth place. According to the portal, “Saint Petersburg is known for its rich cultural experience and there is a special atmosphere on the weekends and at night. Decent housing is cheap, and there are about 195 bars and clubs to entertain even the most tireless entertainment lover.”

We will get to the details as of why St. Petersburg successfully took the fourth rank and beat Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, and Buenos Aires.

It is beautiful and eventful

St. Petersburg was founded by Tsar Peter I in 1703 and is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. This is the second capital of Russia after Moscow with a population of five million people. Many admire the North with its unique beauty of nature. And Petersburg is exactly the city that is able to reveal some of the beauties of cold countries and bring you closer to the treasured Scandinavia. The best time to visit is June, when the “white nights” fall in the city, although autumn is also a good period. The leaves of the trees create a unique picture of colors, and cultural life is much more eventful than in summer. However, winter also has its own charm.

The gastronomic life is popping

It was not by accident that Petersburg received the World Travel Awards in 2017 as the best city for tourism in Europe. Due to the constant influx of visitors to the city, there is a segment of normal, not super-expensive restaurants with Russian cuisine that is absent in the capital: Banshchiki, Chaliapin, Tsentralny, Severyanin, L. Brik and others.

Russia also owes a boom in wine culture to St. Petersburg – they came up with formats that are still not found anywhere in the country. Firstly, there is Vinny Warehouse, which is a crazy supermarket with its own bar. Secondly, they have a craft bar with wine. You can come alone and chat with nice and savvy sommelier waiters all day. Other tainted wine bars also do not pursue super-profits but serve wine for the sake of art – from Do Immigration to the Wine Cabinet. Tourists who love to party would appreciate these kind of bars for sure.

It welcomes people from around the world warmly

Being the second largest city in Russia, St. Petersburg is visited by many foreigners each year – not only for pleasure but also business and education purposes. Looking at this point, it is easy to tell that the city always welcomes foreigners and makes sure they can stay comfortably while visiting the city. This makes St. Petersburg provide everything from affordable places to stay – both for long and short terms, accessible public transportations and places, abundant daily needs in good quality, entertainment centers, festive events, and endless parties and nightlife. The city definitely wants to make sure everyone who leaves it brings good impression with them as priceless memento.

The points above are some of the things that make St. Petersburg become qualified to be dubbed as the 4th best city in the world for parties and nightlife. Of course, to fall in love with this city, it is absolutely not necessary to love poetry and literature, to get involved in history and architecture, to go to museums and theaters. Romantic St. Petersburg is striking in its versatility, sincerity and good nature, which can leave the most vivid impressions. The city evokes a constant desire to return here every time and discover something new. There is even a saying that says, “When in doubt, fly to St. Petersburg!”

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