Top 2 Russian Events that Held in February

Top Russian Events that Held in February – Russia, one of the largest countries in the world stretches on two continents, namely Asia and Europe with an area of ​​more than 17 million km2. In 1991, Russia was formed from the division of the Soviet Union and became the largest country with the largest population […]

8 Cities in Russia With Highest Average Salary

For everyone planning to move to Russia, they will need to find a job there. Besides the cost of living, average income is also an important deciding factor when choosing a city to reside. Income indicates how developed a city is in term of economy. And it’s also a good indicator of how well companies […]

5 Best Cities to Visit for Russian Nightlife Party

Russia its probably the coldest place on earth after Antarctica, this place has a really long winter with subzero weather even in summer. Russian will have festivities to warm them up in breezy night, great food, music, and dancing is a common element for Russian nightlife. A place is getting hotter when the air is […]