3 Amazing Things to do In Sochi during New Year Vacation

One of the most popular New Year’s destinations in Russia is the city of Sochi, and this is not surprising. A large number of accommodation options, beautiful nature, well-developed infrastructure – all this makes for a trip to Sochi for the New Year. The climate in Sochi during this time of year is mild: the […]

Russian Christmas Celebration; what makes it Special?

The Nativity of Christ is the second most important holiday in the Orthodox calendar, in Russia. It is celebrated every January 7, not only at the church, but also the whole country. It is also one of the most ancient holidays that have survived to this day. Over the past centuries, the celebration of Christmas […]

Let’s Taste Pepparkakor; A Russian-Swedish Food

If you have never visited Russia or Sweden, then you probably haven’t heard about Pepparkakor or Pryaniki. However, you surely have heard about gingersnap cookies or gingerbread? The popular Christmas snack is adored by children and adults all over the world as snack and common decoration during Christmas. Many families today have gingerbread recipe that […]

8 Best Christmas Gifts For You To Bring From Russia

Christmas is the most exciting time for all Christians throughout the world. at Christmas, the whole family gather and celebrate together. Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas hats, and greeting cards are things that must be there at Christmas. One more, gift! At Christmas everyone makes their own gifts to exchange with loved ones. The gift […]

Christmas in Russian Common Decorations

Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrated annually by Christians on December 25 to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated in the evening service on December 24; and morning service on 25 December. Some Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas on January 6. What is christmas in russian common decorations? Before it, You can read […]