New Year Celebration In Soviet Union

new year in uni sovietThe new year is something that must be celebrated according to most people in the world. the new year must be welcomed with joy, hoping to get everything better than the previous year. Every country has its own tradition of celebrating the new year. Although in different ways, everyone is very happy to welcome the new year.

Do you know which country celebrated the new year first? Russia is the first country to celebrate. Because Russia is earlier than all countries in the world. and Russia did not celebrate Christmas when the Soviet regime came to power. Because the Soviet regime spread atheism to all corners of the country. So, Christmas celebrations are not allowed, and people who want to celebrate must hide. And if found, they will be given strict sanctions from the Soviet government. However, since 1935, the Soviet government has given permission to celebrate the new year, on December 31. And the celebration is also very similar to Christmas. And the new year is used as a national holiday, but at Christmas all residents continue to carry out all activities as usual.

Then, how did the Soviet community celebrate the new year? In this article, we will reveal how the Soviet community celebrated the new year since 1935. The following is the new year celebration in Soviet Union.

1. Decorate Pine Trees With Various Soviet Symbols

As if celebrating Christmas, the Soviets continued to decorate pine trees. But there are some differences. They decorate pine trees not with Christmas lights and stars, but with various symbols of the Soviet state. Like small rabbits, pieces of ice, round bread, crescent-shaped ornaments, hammers and tractors with the aim of remembering Soviet history. The symbol of the red star is also placed on a pine tree. Unlike the Christmas tree on which there is a picture of an angel. In addition, pine trees are decorated not to welcome Christmas, but to celebrate the new year. This celebration is truly secular. All community activities until the celebration of the new year must be mixed with all about the Soviet Union.

Pine trees are decorated by every family and they all gather to welcome the new year. With the hope that the new year will be better than the previous year. Although not welcoming Christmas, but this celebration was quite entertaining soviet society which at that time endured many conflicts. And the government also contributes. Some giant pine trees are made in big cities so that they can be seen by many people. Enough to give a festive sensation during the new year.

2. Exchange Gifts

Still like celebrating Christmas, the Soviets celebrated the new year by exchanging gifts. They give gifts to their loved ones, especially their beloved family. Usually, gifts in the form of Russian goods. besides being given by the family, the Soviet community especially children also received a new year gift from Ded Moroz. Who is Ded Moroz?

3. Ded Moroz Entertains And Presents Gifts To The Community

The Soviet Union has Ded Moroz or also called Grandfather Frost. Ded Moroz is a figure in Eastern Slavic culture and Russian fables. Ded Moroz is the number one symbol for new year celebrations, as is the Santa which is a symbol of Christmas.

From the look of Grandpa Frost looks very similar to Santa, but it turns out there are some differences. Grandfather Frost looks much higher than Santa. He wears a fur coat along his heels, a half-round fur hat, and valenki on his feet. Valenki is typical Russian leather and fur. He also has a long white beard and walks with a stick. And what distinguishes him most from Santa, Grandpa Frost, brought his grandson, Snow Maiden. He helped his grandfather by bringing gifts and giving direction. The mode of grandfather’s frost transportation is a sleigh pulled by three horses. Sometimes horses are replaced by spaceships to promote the success of Soviets.

Ded Moroz will come to parks and people’s homes to entertain and give gifts. Unlike Santa, you have to do what the Ded Moroz ordered to get a gift. Grandpa Frost sometimes tells children to read poetry, sing or dance, then get a special gift from him. After that, the children with Ded Moroz and Snow Maiden danced under the Christmas tree. Ded Moroz presence added to the spirit of the Soviet community welcoming the new year.

4. Drink Champagne

The Soviet community gathered with friends and family to welcome the big celebration, the new year. And they have a tradition of drinking champagne before, after, or during New Year’s celebrations. Chat, laugh, drink champagne to enjoy Russia’s super cold air during the new year. Of course you know, that the Russian people really like to drink. It became a tradition because the air in their country was very cold.

5. Witness The President’s Speech On TV

The tradition of this year’s Soviet New Year celebration is indeed very unique. Again, everything must involve the state. Although during the New Year’s celebration, the entire Soviet community had to listen to the president’s speech on TV. The president gives a speech about his hopes for the new year.

6. Turn On The Fireworks

The Soviet community also lit fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Just like celebrations in other countries. And this type of celebration is certainly very enjoyed by all Soviet people, especially children, and quite entertaining them.

7. Say “Happy New Year” To Everyone You Meet

The new year is truly regarded as a very important celebration for Soviet society. Because this is the only celebration outside the state celebration, although not 100%. Because they really appreciate the new year, they will say “Happy New Year!” To everyone they meet. Old, young, familiar or unfamiliar, they will say “Happy New Year!” Very happily.

8. Count Down As Hard As You Can

This is also one way to celebrate a very unique new year. The Soviet community will shout as loud as they can to count down the time until it shows 00.00 in the new year. This is the culmination of the New Year’s celebration of the Soviet Union. That’s how they express their happiness in welcoming the new year.

The new year is considered as an important celebration in the Soviet Union. Because besides the new year, there are no other celebrations they can celebrate other than those related to the country. In fact, religious celebrations are strictly prohibited. However, at this new year they showed their happiness. and since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, all communities have been freed to celebrate religious celebrations, one of which is Christmas.

That’s the new year celebration in Soviet Union. Because it was considered as something very important, the Soviet community celebrated the new year in the 8 ways above. Some of the celebrations they perform look like Christmas celebrations, but Christmas celebrations did not exist at that time. There are only new year celebrations.

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