7 Best Spots to Enjoy New Year 2020 in Russia

New Year festivity ought to be not like anybody has ever celebrated before, particularly with regards to absorbing the exquisite vibes of Russia. The astonishing crowds, Red Square and Cathedrals brightened with lights, and the astounding firecrackers are the best method to celebrate the upcoming year of 2020. New Year is the point at which the cities in Russia canvassed in snow. That is the reason the spot is regularly alluded to as the ‘Winter Wonderland‘. People who are arranging a trip to Russia can be a part of the happy environment and witness the heavenly scene shrouded in the cover of snow.

The cold winters are only a reason to spend an occasion in Russia loaded with rushes and experiences. What could be an increasingly ideal approach to bid farewell to 2019 and welcome 2020 than to be a part of the great festival of New Year in Russia? New Year’s Eve is that time where the entire nation lits up and turns into a visual treat for the travelers. To help you decide, here are 7 best spots to enjoy New Year 2020 in Russia.

1. New Year Tree on Palace Square 

The New Year tree of St. Petersburg remains on Palace Square. There, the most monstrous festival in the city happens with a firecracker show after a clock rundown. A diversion program with challenges and exhibitions by craftsmen keeps going throughout the night. The skating arena in the Palace is also well-known.

2. Firecrackers Show at Moscow 

Everyone cannot really enjoy Moscow New Year’s Eve without the stunning firecrackers. The best places to see it happening are Red Square, Kremlin, and St. Basil’s Cathedral. Being the greatest occasion in Russia, individuals originate from everywhere throughout the world go there to see the fantastic merriments. You can also, without much of a stretch, drive using a public vehicle as the metro and bus will remain open until 3:00 A.M. After you have gone to Moscow New Year’s Eve, you should come to see the firecrackers.

3. New Year Fair on Ostrovsky Square 

Another well-known spot is Ostrovsky Square where a fair is composed of different fun exercises and rivalries. There is additionally an ice arena. New Year’s fairs likewise happen on Moscow and Pioneer squares and some different zones of the city. 

4. Gorky Park 

It is considered as one of the awesome places of interest to spend New Year’s Eve in Russia. The park has the biggest skating arena that comprises of fake ice. The arena is 20,510 square meters. The visitors can likewise enjoy different music and light shows sorted out in the park every once in a while. The park comprises of a few spots structured in the cutting-edge European style. Sightseers can likewise join the fun yoga and dance classes and participate in social occasions. 

5. New Year’s Concert in St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall 

In the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, the ensemble symphony gives a conventional New Year’s show with the relating occasion repertoire every year. Coincidentally, on the eve of the occasion, many halls offer music programs, so music lovers have an entire vast choice. 

6. Sokolniki Park 

New Year’s Eve 2020 is the best time to visit the Sokolniki Park. The spot is known for its natural magnificence and relaxing air. During New Years, the majority of the areas in Moscow are normally shrouded in snow. The visitors can go skating or snowboarding. In spite of the fact that the spot is somewhat a long way from the downtown area, the park has a unique structure for uni-cycling as well as a trampoline. The outdoors cinema is the place where customary music shows and social occasions are held. 

7. Ice Figures close to Peter and Paul Fortress 

Every year, ice figures are raised close to the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress and a slope is poured with water to make the slides. So, families with youngsters like to come there to celebrate the closing of the year.

So, those are 7 best spots to enjoy New Year 2020 in Russia.

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