3 Amazing Things to do In Sochi during New Year Vacation

One of the most popular New Year’s destinations in Russia is the city of Sochi, and this is not surprising. A large number of accommodation options, beautiful nature, well-developed infrastructure – all this makes for a trip to Sochi for the New Year. The climate in Sochi during this time of year is mild: the average January temperature is +6 ° C, but sometimes +15 ° C. There are a lot of things you can do during the New Year vacation in this city, but there are several things you sure don’t want to miss. Here are 3 of them:

1. Take Sochi Park to the fullest

This is a huge amusement park for both children and adults that has always traditionally prepared something unusual for the New Year holidays. On December 31st, Christmas trees are up around the park and you can expect for these things:

Did you know that the park has its own furry mascots? Brown bear Potap and polar bear Mila invite everyone to a New Year’s disco each end of the year. Bubbles of smoke and fire, a soap storm, a portal to the country of bubbles – how to create all this? For starters, experienced wizards will help you. And soon, you yourself will learn to manage these fragile creatures from water and soap. You can enjoy the magic at The Land of Science and Fiction.

On the night of January 1 at the park, you must:

  • Participate in a win-win lottery and contests;
  • Jump, shake your head and stamp your feet to the songs of the punk band “Adventures of Electronics”;
  • Go to a disco from Baba Yaga – are you courageous enough for this?;
  • Make a wish under the chiming clock and admire the festive fireworks.

2. Enjoy the festivities at the resorts

Another option for celebrating the New Year is to go to the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana: Rosa Khutor and Gorky-Gorod. From the morning of December 31, the Rosa Khutor Town Hall has a lot of fun activities and warmth to offer:

  • They show their favorite New Year movie from the Soviet Union;
  • There are covers of famous works and Christmas tunes in live performance;
  • The coming of the New Year will be marked by a stunning salute;
  • Nonstop until the dawn on January 1!

What will happen in Gorky-Gorod:

  • On the last day of the year, they play fight with the insidious Grinch, who always wants to take away the holiday from people;
  • They welcome the procession of Santa Claus and his assistants;
  • They spend the old year without regret: you can participate in interactive games and raffles, get surprised at the effects made of nitrogen, soap and light performances;
  • When the clock strikes 12 – you will  be greeted with fireworks and a pyrotechnic show;
  • Dance until you drop.

3. Get cultured at the Winter Theater and Iceberg Ice Palace

Going to the theater or concert will always bring joy. Especially if it takes place on New Year’s Eve – it’s time for magic. Here are the performances you can find in Sochi during the festive season:

The Nutcracker Ballet

Classics of Russian and world ballet from the graduates of the best ballet institutions in Russia. Immerse yourself in the fabulous atmosphere of Christmas.

Ilya Averbukh ice show “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”

A grandiose performance with the participation of Olympic champions and winners of world championships in figure skating. Spectacular costumes and scenery, unusual special effects.

The play “Three Cats”

The play is dedicated to all cat lovers. Get ready for the New Year with funny kittens Korzhik, Caramel and Compot, as well as their parents. Full involvement in the action taking place on the stage and a charge of positive emotions are guaranteed.

Spending the New Year in Sochi will definitely be an unforgettable experience for everyone, regardless the age. There are so many blended events you can only see and feel in this city.

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