5 Unexpected Facts of Russian Modern Music Nowadays

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Did you know about the facts of your favorite music? Of course, there are many stories behind the creation of a song. Even the development of a music industry in a country also have stories or facts behind it.

The music industry in Russia is also experiencing various developments so that it can become as it is today. Let’s see unexpected facts of modern Russian music nowadays.

The music industry in Russia changed since the revolution there. The development of this music has increased to become a success as it is today. The development of Russian music is developing in a better direction. The singers and those who are in the music industry can be enjoyed success in the work. At least they can promote their music better than before.

The revolution in Russia brought some good effects. One of them is for the music industry there. Music genres in Russia are becoming increasingly diverse. Many artists who became known and were able to penetrate the ranks in other countries. However, behind it all, there are many facts behind the development of music today. People also might be wondering about this fact.

In this article, I will discuss about 5 unexpected facts of modern Russian music nowadays.

  • Using New Ways to Attract Fans

The Russian Revolution made many changes in the Russian music industry. As the era progressed, more and more singers appeared in various genres. Even the number of pop singers in Russia has increased quite a lot in the last few years. Many songs from pop singers and other favorite genre singer in Russia that became popular and was in the first position of the charts in many countries around the world. Many singers who are popular in Russia, including Dima Bilan, t.A.T.u, Nyusha and many other singers.

To be able to continue to attract the attention of music fans in Russia, there are several music producers and music agencies are looking for new ways to work their music. This was done in order to control the music market in Russia. Especially for the pop music genre which became the favorite genre of Russian people. A new way to attract fans is usually through modern promotional tools so that the promotion of singers is not the same as the old-fashioned way in the past.

  • The Evolution of Rock Music in Russia

At present, there are many singers around the world who collaborate with other singers. Not only fellow singers in one genre of music but also between singers with different genres and singers with different countries of origin. This kind of collaboration is usually able to innovate a new genre. This new genre is used to attract more music fans around the world.

It also happened in the music industry in Russia. Many agencies and producers in Russia are doing a collaboration between singer. For example, the rock music genre in Russia. At this time, there have been many subgenres of this rock music genre in Russia. This subgenre exists because of collaboration with western music singers. These subgenres of rock music include teenage pop rock, alternative rock— singers of this genre Zemfira, Splean and others. There is also punk rock— the singer of this genre Korol i Shut and others. There is also a kind of heavy metal— singers of this genre Epidemia, Catharsis and others.

  • Music Media in Russia

The development of music in Russia as well as the development of the country music media. Currently there are many music media in various genres that appear in the era of modern Russian music. The most famous music media is Nashe Radio. Nashe Radio is a special promotional media for classical pop punk and rock music. Nashe Radio held  a rock music festival called Nashestvie. This rock music festival is able to attract many rock fans in Russia to as many as 100,000 fans each year.

Other music media is A-One TV. A-One TV is a special promotional media for alternative music and hardcore music. The music media have promoted many Russian singers such as Slots, Amatori and many other singers. While the music media for the genre of pop music, modern Russian rock and western music was broadcast on music media called Maximum Radio.

  • About Russian Chanson

The development of modern music in Russia has developed many subgenres of music in the country. Listening to music has no boundaries. Everyone can enjoy different kinds of music. Sometimes there are also people who say that fans of classical music are a music fan in a high social class or have a higher education. Although in fact not everything is like that.

However, there is also a music genre that is considered to have many fans from low social classes. This genre of music is called Russian Chanson. Russian Chanson is a special type of music from Russia that combines bard music, criminal theme songs and romance. This genre of music has lyrical themes about people’s daily lives and romance in the criminal world that often happens. Russian Chanson music fans that is among men and people from the lower social circles.

  • Classical Music That Is Inferior to Modern Music in Russia

In the current era of modern music in Russia, many people in that country prefer the new genre. People assume that old songs sound old-fashioned when listening to the song in the present. And the new songs at the moment are very fresh and modern. It causes there are several genres of old songs that became forgotten and defeated by the new musical genre.

Old musical genre that one of them is a genre of classical music. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the classical music genre has experienced a lack of promotion. Classical music in Russia as inferior to the more modern emerging new genre and became popular. Others think that the lack of fan interest in the classical music genre was influenced by the Moscow theater hostage crisis in 2002. The theater was only revived at the end of the decade.

And maybe there are still some of unexpected facts of Russian modern music nowadays that haven’t been listed above. I hope this article can really help you to find out the 5 unexpected facts of Russian modern music nowadays.

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