6 Best Russian Rock Bands From Then And Now

Are there any of you who like rock music? If the answer is yes, then what is the name of your favorite rock bands? Of course you will mention various rock band names from all over the world. All the best rock band names you like and the best from your home country. But, do […]

8 Male Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Had Russian Roots

It is no secret that Russian men had a strong determination. This trait is shared among Russians, even to the ones who are not entirely Russian. Some of these men had a significant contribution to modern history by mastered certain crafts, such as arts, politics, science, and sports. Many of them have gained worldwide recognition, […]

Facts of Balalaika as Russian Music Instruments

In the middle 17th century there was a music performer, that always performed at several events, like, weddings, birthday party, etc. The performer called “The Skomorohi“, they were always a big star in any events. But, somehow the authorities never liked them. Because, they thought “The Skomorohi” are performing evil and witchcraft. Even  though, their melody […]

Get closer to Russian Language with music

Having the most favorite tune is always the best way to learn Russian. The idea of “Music is universal language” can never lie. Moreover, it can be used to improve the ability in learning Russian. One stuck will be always stuck. Just like the song in your head. Even for Russian language. Music is the […]