Facts of Balalaika as Russian Music Instruments

In the middle 17th century there was a music performer, that always performed at several events, like, weddings, birthday party, etc. The performer called “The Skomorohi“, they were always a big star in any events. But, somehow the authorities never liked them. Because, they thought “The Skomorohi” are performing evil and witchcraft. Even  though, their melody of the music sounds so cheerful, energetic and so brighten. Beside of witchcraft performing evil by Skomorohi, Russian also has famous folktale of witchcraft

They were very famous among Russian people. People always talked about them, how their color music are, what kind of event they’re at. So, they kind of hot topic back there. They always played folk music. Their favorite instrument they used to played are “domra“. All kindy of “domra” was created by the instrument makers back there. But, the most famous among the people was the triangular body. Then, it was named Balalaika.

Facts of Balalaika as Russian Music Instruments

Balalaika means talking in Russia language. Many of Russians never be sure how Balalaika means like that. “Bala” it was taken from Mongolian word, and Russian word “Balaktj”that means “chat”. The Russian never sure how this can be the possible name for the instrument called.

But it just have three strings, because of this, until now it called “Russian three-string guitar“. In 17th century Russian used to know it was “domra“, then in 18th century it was named Balalaika. This is the facts of Balalaika as Russian Music Instrument has took the “domra” place in musical life of Russian people.

During the 19th century, the Balalaika was developed by the musical prodigy Vassilij Vassilevich Andreev. The contemporary Balalaika comes in five size, the contra-bass, the bass, secunda, prima and piccolo. Designed to play melody, accompaniment and percussion. Balalaika usually made of softwood, because it was the best material for the sound or the acoustic. Balalaika usually painted by the player itself, it’s like a self identification or “gimmick” of their personal performance.

Facts of Balalaika as Russian Music Instruments

Balalaika player usually played folk music. But, after the developing program by V.V. Andreev it turns to be an orchestral music. In the Soviet era, the concert itself adopted by the Soviet Government to support the study of Balalaika for the working class. The historians and musicologist sure Balalaika was created by peasants to relieve their living under cruel landlords. The culture spread fast among the peasants, they all travel around the country in Russia. Many people have said Balalaika history is same as the Banjo history. Same story like Banjo, which is famous among peasants and slavery, because this is like the symbol of the working class. Don’t know yet how the culture was began from the first time.

During the Soviet era, the Russian concept of the orchestra has been fully controlled by the government as kind of form to expression. Many of composers are allowed to write the music. This was also as a part of the movement to increasing revolutionary spirit in Russia.

Despite with it’s own primitive, until 1900’s Balalaika has been famous than ever. Many of immigrants, had left and took their instrument back to their country. This has to believe was the point where Russian-American culture been created. Many orchestras are performing folk music and the genre also growing it’s own interest. Even though it was famous in the most Russian orthodox churches and Russian community center as the part of their culture.

Many orchestra still performing the music, which is American and Canada orchestra still playing the music from mid 1970’s. The music spreading fast, also with the culture. it is like a stigma, if you can play the Balalaika you are Russian-American people. In other cases, there is no Russian living in America has no interest with the music and it’s instrument. But, Russian-American people still appreciate the music and still playing the music until now. In 1990’s, the Soviet Union made the acquisition of the music and the instrument as the part of their culture and their music.

Facts of Balalaika as Russian Traditional Instrument

Balalaika was handmade by all the instrument makers, back there there’s only a few of factory produced this instrument, because the famous one is always handmade from the makers. We know a lot about Balalaika than “domra“. The domras itself usually have two strings rarely three strings. Until now we just knew that the triangular balalaika that existed. The round ones are very rare, there’s small chance this still existed. Even, until now, there’s just a few of professional player still playing this instrument. This is a hard time for Balalaika, they have getting more and more of their people interest. The interest of Russian Folk music decreased day by day. This is the only problem why Balalaika can’t growing anymore in social culture of Russian people music life. But still, there is some people love and respect the music.

Through the time, Russian people need to grow the folk music interest. They have to save the music and also it is the part the culture itself as well as media to get closer to Russian with music. They might be disappeared 20th century era. We never know if never look deeper inside. It is so wrong if we never appreciate and respect our own culture. Civilization take a huge part of the culture itself, depends how the people threat their own culture. Because Balalaika still through the hardest time until now, they are will be going disappeared and this will be a huge mistake for their civilization. Their people can growing within the culture, this will also make the culture will be developed in any time. There is one point Russia should focus on, the characteristic of developed country which is the country that can respect and appreciate their culture and their intellectual property. Knowing facts of Balalaika as Russian instruments will not be completed if you are not increase your knowledge by learning Russian step by step for Beginners  and also get to know Reasons why you must learn Russian Now

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