Why Is Yekaterinburg Not Be a Part of Siberia?

Even with the fastest train the Trans-Siberian, it takes about 8 days from one corner of Russia to the other. That’s the easiest way to describe how big the country is. Just take one part of Russia, the Siberian area where there are bears, vodka, various Animals That Lives In The Siberian Tundra, the remote area. It is so far stretched you do know where it begins and end. Moreover, not all people agree on what is the map, books and reality say.

Like the Siberian areas. it is so big and covers many mountain grounds that can reach many levels below zero. They are that covers about 70 percents of Russia, can have a confusing map and also uncertain marks where it starts and ends. 

Reasons Why Yekaterinburg Is Not Siberian

The great Encyclopaedia Britannica, explain that the Siberian area is from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The people living in Yekaterinburg, have a different opinion on that matter. The fourth-largest city in Russia, although geographically set in the Siberian eastern part, they will strongly say that they are not in Siberia but the Urals. It is one thing to look at the map and the real reality. Although there are millions of Reasons To Visit Yekaterinburg. It does not hurt to know some facts about the city. So why do Yekaterinburgian are saying this thing so strongly? There must be some reasons behind it.

1. On The Map

The Russian map pointed yellow section that represents the Ural Mountains. Whereas the green part is supposed to be Siberian. Now, here is the tricky part of the whole thing. The yellow part meets the sea of green that goes east. Even there aren’t any mountains in Yekaterinburg, the city is set its spot in the yellow part of the map. Yes, it collided with the green part of the Siberian sea. Even Wikipedia recognizes Yekaterinburg as part of Siberia although also mention the general idea that it is a part of the Ural. However, it is actually possible for Yekaterinburg to be both. for some people, it is not a big deal. Yet, some others took it very firmly. 

2. The Capital of Urals

Some written document stated the fact that Yekaterinburg is the centre for the Ural. It manages the cultural, administrative, educational and scientific activities. There are many Surprising Things In the Ural Mountains and the fact that Yekaterinburg is a part of The Urals is not one of them. This Main Ural District is also the headquarters of Ural as well as the place where the Russian Academy of Science. There are so many governmental buildings that apply Ural into it. It is also the reason why Yekaterinburg got the name“The Capital of the Urals.”

This reality can be a very strong point to answer the question about wheater or not Yekaterinburg a part of Siberian or the Urals. It may not need changes in the current maps just use a piece of common knowledge.

3. A Part of The Urals Mountain

Geographically Ekaterinburg has a strategic location. It is in the Urals where mountains are high and cold. Yes, the Yekaterinburg position situated in the Urals where the mountains are very low. So people can comfortably live there. for you to reach so you can see many people and industry development as you can see today. Moreover, there are The best Universities In Yekaterinburg Recommendations To Continue Your Study In Russia. There is also the construction of transportation that passes through Yekaterinburg like The Big Siberian Road or The Trans-Siberian railway. So. although it is close to nature it also develops a lot.

4. Window To Asia

The city that got its name from Catherine II is popular as the “Window To Asia”. The location that is very far from the capital city of Moscow and closer to China, Japan and Korea makes it rich with various food, dishes, from a wide range of food source. It also contributes to the warm weather that not as cold as Russia in winter but not as hot Asian countries. Therefore, it is one of the most Beautiful Places In Russia People Rarely Visit.

No wonder people live in the city finding themselves in a lot of confusion identity. They are expected to many things and simply can not deny their root, cultural background and the surrounding area. 

5. Mystical Border

How do you know if a place is a part of a region? If you can find a sign or any writing mark. Like there is a sign that says ‘Siberia” on a wooden sign about 200 miles of Yekaterinburg. it is rusty and faded. You can tell that the sign is old eaten away by time. Not far from the sign by the water’s edge of a bridge, you can find another writing only this one is on a stone. It says that the area is the border of Siberia back in the18th century.

Geographically there may be some areas overlapping between The Urals and The Siberia. Do not forget the city history goes back to the 18th century. Some signs suggest Yekaterinburg is a part of Siberia. But the Urals also put their foot to the city and made some very important governmental building that makes the city also a part of The Urals. That is the strongest reason for having Yekaterinburg as part of the Urals and not Siberia.

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