Russian Orthodox Church And The Historical Journey Of Russia

When we want to learn about the history of a country, we can learn from its culture. One part of the culture is religion. Religions, more or less, have the roll to shape the habit and the characteristics of its believer. It can even affect the running of the whole country’s government. Russia is a […]

11 Prohibited Things To Do In Russian Orthodox Wedding

Russia besides rich with landmarks and castles also pose many religions worship place. There are countless shrines, mosque, and monasteries. One of them is the Russian Orthodox Churches which vary in ancient, modern, wooden, stone, beautiful churches around Russia. It is a place to pray, celebrations such as Christmas In Russian Orthodox Church, and also Wedding Tradition […]

History of Epiphany Tradition in Russia

In Christianity, Epiphany is the moment of revelation of Jesus as the incarnation of God. It is one of the Christian holidays and is celebrated all around the world, in Russia included. However, it is not Russia if they don’t have their unique and distinguished tradition. Here you will learn about History of Epiphany tradition […]