Would Salt Mine of Yekaterinburg Change Its View in This Winter Season?

Settled in the shadows of the Ural Mountains, Yekaterinburg is a captivating city of contrasts. Today, it is a skyscraper financial hub, home to a portion of Russia’s skyscrapers. Be that as it may, you might want to look past the shimmering horizon because only then, you would find a city shrouded in aesthetics views. […]

Get the Safety Trip Tips Before Going to Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is the fourth biggest city in Russia and the capital of the Ural region. The city was established by the principal Russian Emperor, and imprints where the last Russian Emperor and his family were killed.  UNESCO has named Yekaterinburg one of the world’s twelve perfect urban communities. As the capital of the Urals, a region […]

Shartashskaya Stone Tent; The Greatest Tent in Yekaterinburg that Cannot Be Inhabited 

Russia is the biggest nation on the planet, positioning first in territory and ninth biggest is population. It covers a million square kilometres and is situated in twelve time zones. Since the hour of the Moscow principality happens, the promotion of new terrains — essentially in the north, east, and south — and their Russian […]

The Craziest Life Experience in Yekaterinburg 

Old Yekaterinburg is a riddle of a city, one that does not uncover its secrets to simply anybody. However, if you are still curious about the possible craziest life experience you could encounter in Yekaterinburg, then keep on reading. It is because in this article, we have rounded up several surprising spots in this city […]

Why Is Yekaterinburg Not Be a Part of Siberia?

Even with the fastest train the Trans-Siberian, it takes about 8 days from one corner of Russia to the other. That’s the easiest way to describe how big the country is. Just take one part of Russia, the Siberian area where there are bears, vodka, various Animals That Lives In The Siberian Tundra, the remote area. […]

Educational Places in Yekaterinburg; Travelling for Enrichment Your Insights

It is common knowledge that Russia has one of the best education levels in the world. The literacy if very high and most Russian generally have high education up to University. The government make sure of it. From having a great number of schools and Universities that they are so vast. Cities big or small […]

Mars in the Urals; Let’s Come to Sverdlovsk Region in Yekaterinburg 

Russia’s fourth biggest city does not exaggerate its significance with fabulousness and excitement. Yekaterinburg, rather, kicks back and lets its pedigree reel you in. Canny agents and investors have been coming there for quite a while, but recently, holidaymakers are stopping by as well, regularly to break up their Trans-Siberian voyage and investigate the Ural […]

10 Undeniable Reasons to Visit Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is also known as Ekaterinburg. It is 4th big city in Russia that is located in the frontier of Europe and Asia. It is the famous city in Russia as a city that produces steels. Even though it has atmosphere of steel industry, it does not become a city that is not suitable to […]

Top 5 Popular City That You Must Visit in Russia

Russia is land of wonders and beauty. Each of the city in Russia is like the gems hidden with mystery and it’s glory. In this post, we shall be uncovering different kinds of city mystery in Russia. Please view the post below for amazing wonders of Russia: 9 Most Beautiful Mosques in Russia 6 Facts […]